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Likströmskrets labboration 2

Likströmskrets labboration 2 PUBLIC

by filipronn | updated December 03, 2019

dc   masterpiece  

Kretsanalys: Lab1 - parallell

Kretsanalys: Lab1 - parallell PUBLIC

by Marrenera | updated November 27, 2019

dc   ka-lab1   kretsanalys   parallel  

Kretsanalys: Lab1 - serie

Kretsanalys: Lab1 - serie PUBLIC

by Marrenera | updated November 27, 2019

dc   ka-lab1   kretsanalys   series  

eScooter - 36V Custom Voltage Regulator

eScooter - 36V Custom Voltage Regulator PUBLIC

A basic circuit design for a custom voltage regulator to step down a 36V DC battery to 9V for output.

by cxshermansg | updated October 22, 2017

36v   battery   dc   step-down   tl783   voltage-regulator  



DC power supply for EHX Frequency Analyzer and similar devices.

by religiosa | updated December 11, 2014


Variable DC Power Supply

Variable DC Power Supply PUBLIC

This is an attempt at a possible circuit for a Variable DC Power Supply

by jjdans | updated July 14, 2013

dc   lm317   power-supply   variable  


DCgenerators PUBLIC

Circuito con due generatori in corrente continua equivalenti e indipendenti.

by Gardenal | updated June 12, 2013

dc   generators   ohms-law  

Variac DC ?

Variac DC ? PUBLIC

Use a dimmer switch to vary AC to vary DC output.

by hondabones | updated April 03, 2013

ac   control   dc   dimmer   triac   variable   variac  

Negative Voltage Regulator w/ LM317

Negative Voltage Regulator w/ LM317 PUBLIC

Using LM317 to create a negative voltage power supply.

by hondabones | updated April 01, 2013

dc   lm317   negative   positive   power-supply   regulator   supply   voltage  

Dual Voltage Regulator w/LM317 ONLY

Dual Voltage Regulator w/LM317 ONLY PUBLIC

Using LM317 for both positive and negative voltage regulation.

by hondabones | updated April 01, 2013

dc   dual   lm317   positive   power-supply   regulator   supply   voltage  

Sziklai pair

Sziklai pair PUBLIC

by theuscr | updated March 29, 2013

dc   low-dropout   sziklai   transistor  

Pulsed Driver

Pulsed Driver PUBLIC

More efficient circuit for a 9 LED flashlight.

by hondabones | updated March 28, 2013

dc   driver   flashlight   pulsed  

Series LM317

Series LM317 PUBLIC

Create HV Variable DC Supply using LM317.

by hondabones | updated March 28, 2013

dc   hv   power-supply   regulate   supply   voltage  

Boost Converter

Boost Converter PUBLIC

Increase or step-up your output DC voltage to be greater than your input voltage.

by hondabones | updated March 28, 2013

boost   choke   converter   dc   dc-to-dc   increase   step-up   voltage  

Positive DC Variable Supply

Positive DC Variable Supply PUBLIC

Positive DC Variable Power Supply 1.2 volts to 41.2 volts.

by hondabones | updated March 28, 2013

dc   positive   power-supply   supply   voltage  


Motor_Drive PUBLIC

Circuit to drive low power DC motor (indicated with an M). In reality the circuit draws too much current from the digital pot meter (which becomes very hot and stops to work properly).

by Circuit_Sandbox | updated December 29, 2012

buffer   dc   digital-potmeter   motor   transistor  

Arduino DUE


A detailed layout of the new Arduino Uno made entirely of box pieces; includes all pins as well as both USB ports and DC input jack.

by titous | updated December 24, 2012

analog   arduino   communication   dac   dc   digital   due   pwm   usb  

motor and temp sensor arduino

motor and temp sensor arduino PUBLIC

by MrPickle | updated December 14, 2012

arduino   dc   dc-motor   dc-motor-sensor-arduino   motor   sensor  


Simple_BJT_amplifier PUBLIC

by Circuit_Sandbox | updated September 26, 2012

amplifier   bjt   dc  



A circuitlab file for observing the charge/discharge curves for a simple RC circuit.

by gbell12 | updated May 07, 2012

charge   dc   discharge   instructive   rc   time-constant  

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