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ECE 3122 Winter 2021 Lab 5 Wien-bridge oscillator

ECE 3122 Winter 2021 Lab 5 Wien-bridge oscillator PUBLIC

by petersen | updated March 22, 2021

oscillator   wien-bridge  

Practical Wien Oscillator

Practical Wien Oscillator PUBLIC

I built this Wien Oscillator in my lab with two 2N3904 transistors and it works. With an 11.0V supply, it generates a sinewave signal with a peak-to-peak output of 0.18V at a frequency of 1333 Hz. By...

by davidtro | updated February 19, 2021

oscillator   troubleshooting   wien-oscillator  

Ramp Generator

Ramp Generator PUBLIC

This is a ramp generator I built of physical components and it works fine, generating a sawtooth signal at 50.2 Hz. But in CircuitLab it does nothing. Any idea why?

by davidtro | updated February 19, 2021

oscillator   ramp-generator   troubleshooting  

Oscillator Equiv. Circuit

Oscillator Equiv. Circuit PUBLIC

by Starblazar | updated September 15, 2020

crystal   oscillator  

555 Timer as Astable Multivibrator (Oscillator)

555 Timer as Astable Multivibrator (Oscillator) PUBLIC

A 555 timer can be used with a few resistors and a capacitor to make an oscillator, switching states as the capacitor charges and discharges.

by CircuitLab | updated June 07, 2017

555   oscillator   time-constant  

Wein-Bridge Oscillator

Wein-Bridge Oscillator PUBLIC

by Jtribble | updated April 10, 2016

oscillator   wein-bridge  

Op-Amp Oscillator

Op-Amp Oscillator PUBLIC

A simple op-amp circuit for generating square(-ish) waves

by drhawley | updated April 08, 2016

astable-multivibrator   op-amp   oscillator   relaxation-oscillator  

square-wave-generator, redrawn

square-wave-generator, redrawn PUBLIC

Essentially the same oscillator / astable multivibrator circuit as before, just built a little differently

by drhawley | updated April 07, 2016



7555-Astable-VCO PUBLIC

arduino controllable 7555 astable oscillator.

by langsound | updated March 19, 2015

7555   oscillator   vco  


variable-hz-7555 PUBLIC

7555 astable oscillator. make tones not war.

by langsound | updated March 11, 2015

7555   oscillator   variable-hz  



A simple relay circuit hooked up to a oscillator.

by rdaviselec | updated February 23, 2015

oscillator   relay  

Oscillateur Ondes Triangulaires

Oscillateur Ondes Triangulaires PUBLIC

by patrick.laurin.3 | updated August 08, 2014

oscillator   triangle   triangular   wave  

Oscillateur Ondes Carrées

Oscillateur Ondes Carrées PUBLIC

by patrick.laurin.3 | updated August 08, 2014

oscillator   square   wave  

Prototype CW Transmitter

Prototype CW Transmitter PUBLIC

by nathanpc | updated May 25, 2014

cw   npn   oscillator   rf   transmitter   xtal  

Successful oscillator.

Successful oscillator. PUBLIC

by lanbergld | updated December 26, 2013

circuit   converter   frequency   ham   local   oscillator   radio  

MAX038 Function Generator

MAX038 Function Generator PUBLIC

by FalloutBe | updated December 16, 2013

amplifier   function   generator   max038   oscillator  

Simple Ramp/Pulse VCO

Simple Ramp/Pulse VCO PUBLIC

by legoboy468 | updated July 26, 2013

music   oscillator   schmitt-trigger   sound   synthesizer  

Wacky Sound Mod

Wacky Sound Mod PUBLIC

Modification of Ray Wilson's Wacky Sound Generator. Combines this and the PWM guitar effect.

by legoboy468 | updated June 26, 2013

music   oscillator   pwm   schmitt-trigger   sound   synthesizer   wierd  

Oscilador com ponte de Wien

Oscilador com ponte de Wien PUBLIC

by FLara | updated June 22, 2013

agc   analog   op-amp   oscilador   oscillator   wien   wien-bridge  

twin-T with trigger

twin-T with trigger PUBLIC

A shell resonance drum oscillator for toms, bongos, bass drum and such. It works on breadboard though I used an arduino instead of the 555 to send pulses (0.1 sec) and a TL072 instead of the LM741....

by alkopop79 | updated May 09, 2013

drum   op-amp   oscillator   synth   twin-t  

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