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Variable voltage regulator with 10-turn 10K pot

Variable voltage regulator with 10-turn 10K pot PUBLIC

A basic variable voltage power supply tuned for a 10-turn 10K linear pot.

by dhaans | updated May 17, 2020

laptop-brick   voltage-regulator   wire-wound  

0-10V Control Signal

0-10V Control Signal PUBLIC

Circuit to provide a user adjustable 0-10V DC control signal, for an LED light dimmer, from a 24V DC supply.

by StageTech | updated June 12, 2019


Voltage Regulator using BJTs

Voltage Regulator using BJTs PUBLIC

by mk5734 | updated April 10, 2019

bjt   voltage-regulator   zener-diode  

Voltage Regulator

Voltage Regulator PUBLIC

by mk5734 | updated November 14, 2018


eScooter - 36V Custom Voltage Regulator

eScooter - 36V Custom Voltage Regulator PUBLIC

A basic circuit design for a custom voltage regulator to step down a 36V DC battery to 9V for output.

by cxshermansg | updated October 22, 2017

36v   battery   dc   step-down   tl783   voltage-regulator  

Zener diode voltage reference

Zener diode voltage reference PUBLIC

A Zener diode provides controlled reverse breakdown, and can act as a fixed voltage reference.

by CircuitLab | updated June 08, 2017

voltage-regulator   zener-diode  

7805 & Wall-wart Experiencing Voltage Drop-out

7805 & Wall-wart Experiencing Voltage Drop-out PUBLIC

A 7805 linear voltage regulator can't quite maintain its output voltage. Can you fix it?

by CircuitLab | updated June 07, 2017

power-supply   transformer   voltage-regulator  

Regulador de tensión

Regulador de tensión PUBLIC

Regula tensión continua de 4 a 9 Vcc, a través del potenciómetro R5, con entrada de 10 Vcc. 1 A.

by JCUrchulutegui | updated March 06, 2016


Low Dropout 5v Regulator

Low Dropout 5v Regulator PUBLIC

hi - I'm new here & have found a circuit that might work for me but using the simulator maybe it won't. input voltage varies constantly between between 0v - 10vdc & i want to get a regulated 5vDc. I...

by Lenlen | updated June 06, 2015

power-supply   voltage-regulator  

LM78XX Series DC Voltage Regulator Circuit

LM78XX Series DC Voltage Regulator Circuit PUBLIC

by Brodtd | updated April 25, 2013

lm7812   voltage-regulator  

Zener Diode Regulated Rectified DC Voltage

Zener Diode Regulated Rectified DC Voltage PUBLIC

by Brodtd | updated April 25, 2013


Caricatore USB Ipod Iphone

Caricatore USB Ipod Iphone PUBLIC

by tommaso.michelutti | updated March 26, 2013

charger   iphone-ipod   usb   voltage-regulator  

LM317 test cct 01

LM317 test cct 01 PUBLIC

Load regulation of standard CL LM317 & LM137 models is poor. Simulate > DC Sweep > Run DC Sweep Simulate > Time Domain > Run Time-Domain Simulation

by signality | updated November 12, 2012

lm137   lm317   regulator   voltage-regulator  

MOSFET Regulator


Zero drop out FET regulator with lead resistance compensation ("negative resistance"). Working simulation.

by paulmz | updated October 17, 2012

mosfet   simulation   voltage-regulator  

Alimentatore Stabilizzato Variabile con LM317

Alimentatore Stabilizzato Variabile con LM317 PUBLIC

by tommaso.michelutti | updated August 30, 2012

lm317   power-supply   stability   voltage-regulator  

Wind Turbine Voltage Regulator High Current

Wind Turbine Voltage Regulator High Current PUBLIC

A voltage regulator for a Wind Turbine with a high current output.

by rembo_ninja | updated July 13, 2012


behavioural linear regulator 01

behavioural linear regulator 01 PUBLIC

Behavioural linear regulator. Can also be realised using a behavioral voltage source.

by signality | updated July 12, 2012

behavioural-regulator   linear-regulator   voltage-regulator  

6V Voltage Regulator

6V Voltage Regulator PUBLIC

by loganedwards | updated June 25, 2012

switching   voltage-regulator  

Voltage Controlled Switch

Voltage Controlled Switch PUBLIC

The 12VDC Output is only ON when the 5VDC input is within 10% (4.5 to 5.5). The range can be changed by adjusting the Voltage regulators.

by twlbqb | updated May 30, 2012

cmos   comparator   controlled   dual-input   logic   mosfet   switch   voltage   voltage-regulator  

TL431 Shunt Voltage Regulator - Simple Behavioral Model

TL431 Shunt Voltage Regulator - Simple Behavioral Model PUBLIC

As a demo of behavioral voltage and current sources in CircuitLab, here's a simple model of the TL431 adjustable shunt voltage regulator.

by CircuitLab | updated April 13, 2012

behavioral   voltage-regulator  

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