solar LED circuit

I purchased a 0.3W 3V Mini Solar Panel Polycrystalline Silicon Small Solar Cell and connected it to x3 AAA 1.2v rechargeable batteries (in series) and a 3v LED. When it was summer and the solar cell got 8 hrs of full sun, then the LED would come on at night. Now it is winter and we are getting intermittent sun and the LED will not light light at night. I purchased a used 185w 36v solar panel for $30 with the intent of cutting it up to provide a larger solar panel to collect light for winter use and summer use. The panel has 72 individual cells in it. If I cut out 12 cells @ 0.5v/cell then I would get 6v generated which hopefully would be enough to charge the 3.6v battery during intermittent sunlight. Your thoughts?

by Caprica
June 28, 2024
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3 Answers

Answer by Hedyyy

Using your 185W, 36V panel to get additional electricity seems good, but cutting it up may not be the best idea because each cell is sensitive and connected in a certain way. Instead, why not use the entire panel? Get a charge controller that can safely handle 36V and step it down to charge your 3.6V batteries. In this way, you may maximize power gathering even on cloudy days while avoiding cell damage. It is a more effective and dependable solution for both winter and summer. And it's less hassle. Hope this helps!

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by Hedyyy
July 01, 2024
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Answer by Caprica

I think you may have the better idea. It would be easier your way. Thanks

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by Caprica
July 01, 2024
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Answer by joannaylor

Your idea has potential! Additional Tips:

Position: Place the solar panel in a location with maximum sunlight exposure, even in winter. Cleaning: Keep the solar panel clean to maximize its efficiency. Monitor Voltage: Regularly check the battery voltage to ensure it's being charged properly. strands

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by joannaylor
July 03, 2024
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