Zero-Friction Electronics Design.

We're making it easier for engineers, students, and hobbyists to design, analyze, build, and share circuits.

Electronic circuits are everywhere: from the watch on your wrist, and the fuel injection controller that powers your car, to the ballast driving the fluorescent lights above your desk.

We're building the tools to help bring those products from concept to reality faster and easier — and perhaps even make the process more fun.

The electronics world has changed: increased modularity, deeply integrated hardware and firmware, and high-density mixed-mode analog/digital/power/RF designs. The practice of engineering has changed too: distributed teams collaborate across geography, technical subspecialities, and development platforms.

We believe it's time for electronics design software to evolve as well: user-friendly tools leveraging the power of web-based distribution to make everything available everywhere, instantly. Iterate and collaborate: simulate, experiment, adjust, and share the results in just a few clicks. We can take the friction out of design and analysis, and simultaneously empower a new generation of engineers and hobbyists to build the systems that will shape the world of tomorrow.

If you would like to help build this vision, please take a look at Careers at CircuitLab.

- The CircuitLab Team

Pencil sketch of JFET amplifier