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TwoDifferentLEDinvolvedInCurrentMirror PUBLIC

by vanderghast | updated February 14, 2021

current-mirror   led  

Flickering light dimmer

Flickering light dimmer PUBLIC

by ikatkov | updated December 27, 2020

dimmer   led   lm317  

LED constant current controller

LED constant current controller PUBLIC

by hevans | updated July 07, 2020

constant-current-source   led  

Solar Experiment

Solar Experiment PUBLIC

BigCliveDotCom's "Simplest solar light possible, using old phone battery" schematic

by dhaans | updated May 05, 2020

battery   charger   led   solar  

Led driver design

Led driver design PUBLIC

constant current led driver from 6v DC input. Controlled from Attiny85 PWM.

by cheperboy | updated July 06, 2019


Led driver simulation

Led driver simulation PUBLIC

constant current led driver from 6v DC input. pwm provided by attiny85.

by cheperboy | updated July 06, 2019


Bluetooth Dimmer Bypass Problem

Bluetooth Dimmer Bypass Problem PUBLIC

Help needed in maintaining dimming function of 12V Bluetooth LED dimmer when module is not bypassed.

by Greg_di | updated March 12, 2019

bypass   diode   led  

LED Flasher


Status Indicator: Steady good, flashing bad.

by Watuckey | updated September 23, 2018

flasher   led  

LEDs with resistor biasing

LEDs with resistor biasing PUBLIC

LEDs are usually found with a resistor in series to select the desired current (and therefore brightness and power consumption).

by CircuitLab | updated June 07, 2017

bias-point   current-limiting   led  

magnetic switch/transistor

magnetic switch/transistor PUBLIC

A circuit from a Forrest Mims III book. Comments welcome.

by ronneyg | updated September 05, 2016

led   transistor  

LED Low Level Lighting

LED Low Level Lighting PUBLIC

LED yard lighting. Used to illuminate back yard with enough light to navigate paths safely at night.

by RBClarke | updated March 11, 2016

constant-current-source   led  

MAX7221 MAX7219 Binary Controller

MAX7221 MAX7219 Binary Controller PUBLIC

by Kaptn_flint | updated August 13, 2015

binary   decoder   digit   display   led   segment  

Basic LED Circuit

Basic LED Circuit PUBLIC

by paulmirel | updated August 08, 2015

basic   led   ohms-law  

traffic Light

traffic Light PUBLIC

by nkeck | updated February 11, 2015

555   led   light   logic   not   traffic  

Dark activated LED

Dark activated LED PUBLIC

This circuit uses 2 NPN Transistors and an LDR to create a automatic on for an LED in this case. It has very good response, and low power consumption in light.

by joiseystud | updated January 17, 2014

led   photoresistor  

GDB LED circuit


Eight Gravity Development Board LED's to make cool artistic displays or output engineering data.

by SolX2010 | updated January 12, 2014

gdb   gravity-development-board   led   sol-x   solar-system-express  

8-LED color oscillator

8-LED color oscillator PUBLIC

by hbs22 | updated December 16, 2013

555   led   logic-gate  


555Timer PUBLIC

by St0rmingBr4in | updated September 01, 2013

555   led   ne555   simple  

Simple near-UV led circuit

Simple near-UV led circuit PUBLIC

This diagram represents an LED array powered by two "C" batteries in series with a resistor to control current flow. All of the hardware needed to build this circuit can be purchased at Radioshack for...

by Elfrotardo | updated August 07, 2013

c-battery   led   led-array   near-uv   parallel-led   ultra-violet   uv  



Basic polarization circuit

by nliebeaux | updated July 19, 2013

led   ohms-law   qed123  

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