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Created March 12, 2019
Last modified March 12, 2019
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Help needed in maintaining dimming function of 12V Bluetooth LED dimmer when module is not bypassed.


GOAL: Retain dimming function of internal 12V Bluetooth LED Dimmer module when not bypassed from its power source.

BACKGROUND: LED strip is usually connected to a portable 12V source containing a small Bluetooth LED dimming module and controlled by a phone app. Sometimes the dimming function needs to be handled by an external module powered by the portable source, so a way to selectively bypass the internal dimmer module is needed to avoid powering a dimmer with a dimmer.

Placing a 1N4007 diode behind the module's positive output allows the Bluetooth module to be bypassed, but when the switch engages the Bluetooth module, the radio section of the module connects to the control app, but all dimming function is lost and full power is sent to the output connectors.


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