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LED With A Capacitor

LED With A Capacitor PUBLIC

A fading LED circuit

by davidvale | updated February 25, 2013

capacitor   led  

Pulswidth 555 dimmer

Pulswidth 555 dimmer PUBLIC

by mike.h | updated February 24, 2013

555   dimmer   led   pwm  

Pomodoro Circuit

Pomodoro Circuit PUBLIC

A Pomodoro circuit for the Raspberry Pi. Press a button to start your digital Pomodoro.

by davidvale | updated February 19, 2013

adafruit   button   led   pomodoro   raspberry  


BuckConverter2.0 PUBLIC

by Zudy | updated February 18, 2013

buck   converter   led   schmitt   trigger  

crappy tremolo pedal sketch

crappy tremolo pedal sketch PUBLIC

by stashcraft | updated February 04, 2013

555   astable   led   optical  


ConstantCurrentSource PUBLIC

by InnerAlien | updated January 31, 2013

constant-current-source   led  

Quad LED Flasher

Quad LED Flasher PUBLIC

by BennyTB9 | updated January 26, 2013

flasher   led  


555pwm PUBLIC

by ahartel | updated January 22, 2013

555   fading-led   led   ne555   pwm   variable  

LED 3x3x3 Cube

LED 3x3x3 Cube PUBLIC

This is a LED 3x3x3 cube circuit. The LED's Cathodes are soldered together in 3 rows, and the anodes are soldered 3 high in 9 columns. This particular cube will be connected to an arduino. 3 NPN...

by dan89156108 | updated January 05, 2013

3x3x3   arduino   cube   led   mosfet   npn  

Test: Simply a LED

Test: Simply a LED PUBLIC

Test circuit for a newbie in CL. LED “on” or blown? Have fun !

by Sancho_P | updated December 02, 2012

led   newbie  



by b1254321 | updated November 19, 2012


LED Resistor


by olegyk | updated October 09, 2012

current-limiting   led   voltage-divider  


CT_to_digital_pin_with_indicator PUBLIC

by Sergegsx | updated September 29, 2012

arduino   ct   digital   led  

Raspberry Pi LED Output

Raspberry Pi LED Output PUBLIC

Circuit showing how to control an LED from a Raspberry Pi GPIO pin configured as an output.

by MattHawkins | updated July 13, 2012

gpio   led   output   raspberry-pi   rpi  

240V_50Hz_LED lamp

240V_50Hz_LED lamp PUBLIC

The lamp is made using an dead CFL body. The lamp is already in place & working very fine with brightness equivalent to 40W incandescent lamp. The energy consumption is almost NIL, as the energy meter...

by k.rajnikant | updated May 27, 2012

bridge-rectifier   led   led-array  

Infrared Counting Circuit 1 Digit

Infrared Counting Circuit 1 Digit PUBLIC

A functioning counting circuit. While the space between the IR LED and the IR Phototransistor is unblocked the number stays. When blocked, it increments by one.

by lucasmoten | updated May 20, 2012

311   7414   7447   7490   count   infrared   led  

Light Sensitive Counter Circuit

Light Sensitive Counter Circuit PUBLIC

A possibly complete light sensitive counting circuit with 3 digits making use of 311, 7414, 7490, and 7447 ICs and 7-segment displays.

by lucasmoten | updated May 15, 2012

311   7-segment-display   7414   7447   7490   de-bounce   digital   led   phototransitor   schmitt-trigger  



Almost lossless LED powering circuit directly from mains (transformer-less)

by ettore_galli | updated April 27, 2012

led   lighting   lossless   lux-perpetua   mains   transformerless  

Renen's Blue LED (2.7V, 20mA)

Renen's Blue LED (2.7V, 20mA) PUBLIC

Attempting to model a blue high-intensity LED which draws about 20mA at 2.7V bias.

by mrobbins | updated April 20, 2012

device-modeling   diode   led  

Two LEDs: separate vs shared resistor

Two LEDs: separate vs shared resistor PUBLIC

Two LEDs driven by a shared vs separate resistors -- how does current split if the two LEDs are slightly different?

by mrobbins | updated April 05, 2012

diode   led  

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