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BJT current mirror

BJT current mirror PUBLIC

Two NPN bipolar transistors form a current mirror.

by CircuitLab | updated June 07, 2017

analog   bjt   translinear  

BJT Cascoded Active-load Differential Amplifier with CMFB

BJT Cascoded Active-load Differential Amplifier with CMFB PUBLIC

10 BJTs and an op-amp provide a gain of almost +70dB and about 16kHz bandwidth. A cascoded active load provides high-impedance load for the emitter-coupled pair.

by CircuitLab | updated June 07, 2017

amplifier   analog   bjt   cascode   feedback  

music box 2

music box 2 PUBLIC


by oscartwinb | updated May 25, 2017


Analog Squaring Circuit

Analog Squaring Circuit PUBLIC

Circuit that uses operational amplifiers to generate Vout = Vin^2. Approximately accurate over 0 <= Vin <= 5 V.

by DanielHM | updated August 24, 2015

analog   op-amp  

Square To Trigger Converter

Square To Trigger Converter PUBLIC

by Janvier | updated July 16, 2014

analog   bjt   differentiator   high-pass   hpf   low-frequency   negative-trigger   npn   trigger  

Dual Supply Reverse Polarity Protection

Dual Supply Reverse Polarity Protection PUBLIC

by Janvier | updated June 04, 2014

analog   dual-supply   mosfet   power   protection   reverse-polarity   supply  

Oscilador com ponte de Wien

Oscilador com ponte de Wien PUBLIC

by FLara | updated June 22, 2013

agc   analog   op-amp   oscilador   oscillator   wien   wien-bridge  

Follower position

Follower position PUBLIC

by vitocarl | updated June 15, 2013

analog   differentiator  

Differential amplifier X1000

Differential amplifier X1000 PUBLIC

This is an example of the triple-op-amp instrumentation amplifier x 1000 for piezoelectric sensor at low frequensy, the BW depends on the op-amps properties

by SimonL | updated April 29, 2013

analog   instrumentation-amplifier   signal  

Analog pushbutton array

Analog pushbutton array PUBLIC

by duckie68 | updated April 17, 2013

analog   arduino   array   pushbutton  

Single Supply Simple OpAmp gain circuit for mic test on microntrollers w A/D

Single Supply Simple OpAmp gain circuit for mic test on microntrollers w A/D PUBLIC

Simple amplifier which takes mic audio input and provides gain & DC centering for single supply microcontroller input

by manu | updated March 16, 2013

analog   audio   battery   microphone   preamp   single-supply  

Bypass capacitor

Bypass capacitor PUBLIC

The simulation of the bypass capacitor effect.

by nao | updated January 20, 2013


Arduino DUE


A detailed layout of the new Arduino Uno made entirely of box pieces; includes all pins as well as both USB ports and DC input jack.

by titous | updated December 24, 2012

analog   arduino   communication   dac   dc   digital   due   pwm   usb  

ezy mid side processor

ezy mid side processor PUBLIC

feel free to comment

by MS_LFZ | updated June 21, 2012

analog   differential   microphone   mid-side-decoder-op-amp   ne5532   op-amp   summing  

Logarithmic amplifier

Logarithmic amplifier PUBLIC

Standard log-amp design. Modified so both negative and positive signals will be processed.

by anubi | updated June 02, 2012

amplifier   analog   level-shift   op-amp  

Inverting Amplifier with Rails

Inverting Amplifier with Rails PUBLIC

An inverting amplifier with rails so voltage limits can be observed.

by tsturtev | updated April 23, 2012

analog   op-amp  

Debounced Input for Switch or Open-Collector

Debounced Input for Switch or Open-Collector PUBLIC

A Debounce circuit for use with a schmitt trigger and switches or open-collector/opto-couplers. Has 1ms debounce time as shown.

by thefekete | updated March 26, 2012

analog   debounce   digital   open-collector   schmitt   switch  


bandgap_1 PUBLIC

bandgap reference. resistor values not yet adjusted

by wurstbonbon | updated March 05, 2012

analog   bandgap  

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