FFT Spectrum

It would be nice to measure the FFT of a signal in CircuitLab. I would also like to see Total Harmonic Distortion.

by brown5629
January 11, 2013

Yes, this would be nice

by hagster
January 15, 2013

3rd this. For those working on audio circuits -deliberate distortion profiles (fuzz and overdrive stomp boxes), and low distortion devices (mic pre-amps) - FFT analysis would be very useful and very used. Thanks!

by Mr.Infinity
February 05, 2013

I would also like to see this. Thanks

by patras
March 28, 2013

Also for modulation circuits this would be a neat feature

by j.ho
September 28, 2013

Yes FFT would be very nice!! I'm using circuit lab for a lot of basic principle circuits in my communications systems course, but the lack of ability to show the spectrum of a signal definitely holds me back.

by brateris
October 31, 2013

Completely. Please can we have this? I'm modelling various saturation / clipping approaches and spectral analysis is a must...

by luigi.maroni
November 09, 2013

FFT would be very usefull!

by Mendelson
November 19, 2013

Definitely! FFT would be very nice.

by Herculessilva
November 19, 2013

How do we find out the status of this feature request? Will a circuitlab employee comment?

Thanks, Lewis.

by luigi.maroni
November 21, 2013

11 years later and still no FFT implemented. This can't be that difficult. Please CircuitLab, we need this FFT feature!

by widovd
July 05, 2024

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