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555 Dual-LED blinker with 50% duty cycle

555 Dual-LED blinker with 50% duty cycle PUBLIC

by mk5734 | updated August 01, 2018

555   pwm  

555 Timer as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Generator

555 Timer as Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Generator PUBLIC

A 555 Timer can be used with variable "control" input to create a pulse width modulation (PWM) generator with its digital duty cycle varying based on an analog input voltage.

by CircuitLab | updated June 07, 2017

555   pwm  

Circuito PWM Motor

Circuito PWM Motor PUBLIC

by VictorLMoura | updated December 06, 2016

pwm   servo-motor   timer  

High Power PWM Rectifier

High Power PWM Rectifier PUBLIC

Simple project to deliver high-voltage at high-current to a DC load, controlled with PWM. In real-life application, the load is 5 series-connect 100W LED.

by GabrielPauka | updated June 01, 2016

ac-to-dc   bridge-rectifier   power-electronics   power-supply   pwm   rectifier  

555 PWM Generator

555 PWM Generator PUBLIC

The simplest PWM generator possible. Tested and approved in real-life. Cheap and reliable!!

by GabrielPauka | updated April 26, 2016

555   pwm  


Trinket-Dynode PUBLIC

Very simple circuit for Geiger-Muller tubes. PWM from Adafruit's Trinket micro-controller, inspired by

by chsimon | updated April 24, 2014

high-voltage   pwm  

2.5V 250mA simple switching supply with defined gate drive

2.5V 250mA simple switching supply with defined gate drive PUBLIC

An edge-defined gate drive signal is produced by a CSV voltage source, and modulated to form a power supply feedback loop.

by mrobbins | updated September 30, 2013

power-supply   pwm   switching  

Wacky Sound Mod

Wacky Sound Mod PUBLIC

Modification of Ray Wilson's Wacky Sound Generator. Combines this and the PWM guitar effect.

by legoboy468 | updated June 26, 2013

music   oscillator   pwm   schmitt-trigger   sound   synthesizer   wierd  

12-60V Constant Current LED Driver + PWM Dimmer

12-60V Constant Current LED Driver + PWM Dimmer PUBLIC

by serisman | updated June 07, 2013

555   constant-current   led   led-driver   led-string   pwm  

PWM LED Dimmer - 12V 8A (96W)

PWM LED Dimmer - 12V 8A (96W) PUBLIC

Reverse Engineered PWM LED Dimmer from eBay 12V 8A (96W) 96W12V-TM1-1

by serisman | updated June 06, 2013

555   dimmer   led   lm358   pwm  

Rear Bike Light

Rear Bike Light PUBLIC

Schematic for my Rear Bike Light, using 2 High power LEDs and an embedded ATmega328p with the Arduino boot loader to control the LEDs via PWM thru two N-channel MOSFET current sinks. It's also...

by rainierez | updated April 19, 2013

arduino   ftdi   high-power-led   led-driver   mosfet   pwm  

Option 1

Option 1 PUBLIC

Audio signal PWM with triangular wave 2,4 - 2,6 V

by xtrusion | updated April 10, 2013


generic voltage mode buck converter 01

generic voltage mode buck converter 01 PUBLIC

A generic Voltage Mode Buck (step down) converter. You will have to calculate component values for your own application.

by signality | updated March 13, 2013

buck-converter   pwm   smps   step-down-converter   switch-mode-power-supply   switch-mode-supply   switching  



by chabo | updated March 07, 2013


Pulswidth 555 dimmer

Pulswidth 555 dimmer PUBLIC

by mike.h | updated February 24, 2013

555   dimmer   led   pwm  


555pwm PUBLIC

by ahartel | updated January 22, 2013

555   fading-led   led   ne555   pwm   variable  

Arduino DUE


A detailed layout of the new Arduino Uno made entirely of box pieces; includes all pins as well as both USB ports and DC input jack.

by titous | updated December 24, 2012

analog   arduino   communication   dac   dc   digital   due   pwm   usb  

Netduino PWM RGB ledstrip controller

Netduino PWM RGB ledstrip controller PUBLIC

RGB LED stip controler with NetDuino PWM

by Bram2202 | updated December 13, 2012

netduino   pwm  

NTC fan speed control

NTC fan speed control PUBLIC

This is the complete circuit to control the mini fan in my Appleā€™s Time Capsule by a NTC sensor and a dual timer ICM7556IPD (CMOS). The project basically consisted of three parts because I did not...

by Sancho_P | updated November 13, 2012

555   behavioral-sources   fan-speed-control   newbie   ntc   pwm   time-capsule  

NTC converter for fan speed control

NTC converter for fan speed control PUBLIC

A simple converter for a NTC thermal sensor to a voltage signal. The DC-Sweep simulation is used to pick the desired resistance value in series to the NTC.

by Sancho_P | updated November 07, 2012

555   fan-speed-control   newbie   ntc   pwm  

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