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Created June 15, 2019
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Driver for IRF540 MOSFET that permits fast PWM of 12V load (LED strip) via 3.3V PWM control signal. Hopefully.


4th revision of circuit for this stackexchange question. Active push/pull driver for MOSFET. Improves on this active/passive design.

This stack exchange post sets out most of the needed design.

The general idea is that the totem pole configuration allows switching of a 12V signal with a 3.3V control input. Then the PNP/NPN transistor pair ensure fast pullup/pushdown of gate voltage based on that signal.

Without the totem pole layout the active pullup/pushdown pair would get a max base voltage of 3.3V which won't suffice when there's 12V on the other side.

Next I plan to see whether I can simplify it with a 555 timer IC.

A sensible person would've used an off-the-shelf PWM-capable MOSFET driver IC.


I'm just learning but I studied your circuit and I believe Q14, Q15, Q16 will exceed their gate voltages. If you can spare some +3.3v or +5v to that half of the circuit I think you'll have a good circuit.

by goatpi
December 16, 2020

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