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Created January 20, 2013
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A voltage regulated LED flasher that emulates blinking navigation lights and strobes for a model airplane, or your favorite Starship.


I needed a circuit that would use LED's to emulate navigation lights and strobes for a model. Currently going to install this on a Polar Lights 1:350 scale USS Enterprise.

This produces a slow blink for the nav lights (red/green), and a double strobe for the white strobe lights.

In my test circuit build, the 2N2222 transistor capably drove 6 LED's each, and could handle at least another 6 per. Maybe more.

Adding the voltage regulator means reliable ability to drive the output LED's with calculated resistor values, so they don't get accidentally over-driven and blow. When you've got LED's lighting a model internally that you can't disassemble ever again, it's good to be sure.


Hi there would it be possible to ask you for a parts list as i would also like to build this for my enterprise?

by m1a1hunter
June 15, 2013

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