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Created December 02, 2012
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Test circuit for a newbie in CL.
LED “on” or blown?
Have fun !


LED “on” or blown? - That's the question.

Like all “serious” electronic circuit simulators CL does not provide simple operations ("flip a switch") and a "reality" feedback (or a warning).

Their aim is more in the theory (theoretical correctness), hypothetical, but “bare of all limits”.

Your question “LED “on” or blown?” will not be answered, even when using a specific type of LED.

However, if you know that your LED will be (somewhat) “on” and "safe" between 5 and 20 mA you can “see” that e.g. from the “Time Domain Simulation”.

There is no user action possible when computing the result, thus you have to tell your switch when it has to flip (if you need the switch action in your test circuit).

I’ve made this circuit to start with, double click the components to see their parameters. Go to Simulate -> Run … (or press F5).


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