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Chalenge du fil rouge, deux BJT

Chalenge du fil rouge, deux BJT PUBLIC

Challenge du fil rouge. Deux BJT, aucune diode.

by vanderghast | updated June 09, 2021

XOR avec 2 BJT


by vanderghast | updated June 02, 2021

Couper un seul fil

Couper un seul fil PUBLIC

Fil rouge - chalenge (Cyrob)

by vanderghast | updated June 01, 2021


BinaryCounterForTiming PUBLIC

Binary Counter as timer for flashing sequencing

by vanderghast | updated May 27, 2021

Simple automatic backup voltage

Simple automatic backup voltage PUBLIC

Provide a backup, Vbackup, when the main source, Vmain, fails to supply the required voltage. The switching is automatic and revert to Vmain, also automatically, when Vmain "comes back". The two...

by vanderghast | updated May 24, 2021

automatic-backup   pmos  


QandA_ExplanationCellPhoneDetector PUBLIC

Related to a question in the forum area.

by vanderghast | updated April 14, 2021


TwoDifferentLEDinvolvedInCurrentMirror PUBLIC

by vanderghast | updated February 14, 2021

current-mirror   led