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Created August 31, 2022
Last modified August 31, 2022
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Clips high amperage AC current, both sides of waveform, using zener diodes and a P and N channel MOSFET


I am not an electrical engineer, and need advice about how to clean up this circuit, if there is a better way to cllip both peaks of an AC current, and if there are any glaring problems This circuit is intended to clip both peaks of a high amperage AC current, say 40 amps at 30 volts. I used an N and P MOSFET to pass the large current if the voltage is below the Zener breakdown voltage, in which case the gate is turned off. I basically made 2 circuits, one to clip top of wave and one to clip bottom,and put them in series. There must be a better way?


Non EE looking for help on this circuit, or a better way to clip top and bottom of high current, power AC signal

by gsorter
August 31, 2022

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