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Guitar Buffer

Guitar Buffer PUBLIC

Simple buffer to convert high impedance guitar input to low impedance output (such as line-in on your computer)

by tapirath | updated May 05, 2023

buffer   centaur   klon   microamp   mxr   op-amp   opamp   tl071  

TL071 Guitar Buffer

TL071 Guitar Buffer PUBLIC

Simple buffer to convert high impedance guitar input to low impedance output (such as line-in on your computer)

by tapirath | updated May 02, 2023

buffer   op-amp   opamp   tl071  

Opamp+digipot without leak

Opamp+digipot without leak PUBLIC

by Kraghen | updated November 04, 2021

digipot   opamp  

Inverting Opamp With DC Offset

Inverting Opamp With DC Offset PUBLIC

Circuit for a an inverting opamp with adjustable DC offset

by Scroaty | updated July 21, 2020

dc-offset   opamp  

741 schematic op amp circuit

741 schematic op amp circuit PUBLIC

by dpardo | updated December 09, 2019

741   opamp   schematic  


hw5_6 PUBLIC

Two op-amp, differential amplifier with two input voltage sources.

by tpswgh | updated October 27, 2016

diff-amp   differential   inverting   op-amp   opamp   operational-amplifier  

Temp to voltage

Temp to voltage PUBLIC

by riodoro1 | updated November 28, 2014

opamp   pc100   temperature   thermistor  

opamp DC gotchas

opamp DC gotchas PUBLIC

WHATEVER THE BUG WAS IN CL THAT CAUSED THIS PROBLEM: IT NOW SEEMS TO HAVE BEEN FIXED (140202). Beware convergence errors in CL opamp circuits!

by signality | updated February 02, 2014

initial-conditions   opamp   ramped-supplies   sigtorial   startup   tutorial  

CL opamps do not model input common mode range

CL opamps do not model input common mode range PUBLIC

CL opamps do not model input common mode range! Simulate > Time Domain > Run Time-Domain Simulation incorrectly shows that Vout still represents the +/-10V difference between two inputs with a 100V...

by signality | updated November 21, 2013


Fliege Filter with a virtual ground - Narrow band filter

Fliege Filter with a virtual ground - Narrow band filter PUBLIC

by shubhamgandhi | updated September 11, 2013

filter   fliege   narrow-band   opamp   virtual-ground  


amp_noninverseur PUBLIC

Basic Non Inverter Opamp

by nliebeaux | updated July 18, 2013

non-inverter   opamp  


amp_inverseur PUBLIC

Basic inverter opamp

by nliebeaux | updated July 18, 2013

inverter   opamp  

Square Wave Generator

Square Wave Generator PUBLIC

by Resita | updated July 17, 2013

generator   lm741   opamp   square-wave  

OpAmp Question #1

OpAmp Question #1 PUBLIC

by bojong | updated May 25, 2013

lm741   op-amp   opamp  

Voltage Controled Current Sink

Voltage Controled Current Sink PUBLIC

Opamp and transistor used to convert a voltage to a current. The voltage to current relationship can be tailored using the following formula: I = Vc/R1 Set R1 to a value that will produce the desired...

by ReverseEMF | updated April 06, 2013

constant-current-source   currentsink   opamp   transistor   volt-to-current-simk  

opmap voltage supply

opmap voltage supply PUBLIC

by sus | updated March 15, 2013


Internal Circuit of an OpAmp

Internal Circuit of an OpAmp PUBLIC

This is the generic internal circuit of an OpAmp with full details. Hope everybody will be benefited. Comment if you have any suggestion, concern and questions.

by | updated March 08, 2013

anatomy-of-opamp   generic-opamp   inside-opamp   internal-circuit-of-opamp   internal-opamp   opamp   opamp-basic   opamp-internal-circuit  

emonTx With Solar and LCD

emonTx With Solar and LCD PUBLIC

Uses variable OpAmp gain on current signal, phase shift using circuit filtering and software filtering. Zero crossing detector for interrupt based code. See

by stuart | updated October 11, 2012

ct-clamp   energy-monitor   opamp   zero-crossing-detector  

Inverting Amplifier using OpAmp

Inverting Amplifier using OpAmp PUBLIC

Just a simple inverting amplifier using OpAmp !!

by au_kishore | updated July 18, 2012

amplifier   opamp  

opamp supply pins 01

opamp supply pins 01 PUBLIC

The supply pins on CL opamps are not polarity sensitive. You can set either supply pin to any voltage and the other to any other voltage and the model will correctly pick up which is the highest...

by signality | updated July 03, 2012

op-amp   opamp   power   power-supply  

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