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This is the generic internal circuit of an OpAmp with full details. Hope everybody will be benefited. Comment if you have any suggestion, concern and questions.


Not provided.


Nice idea.

You should make it clear that this is a generic opamp just to demonstrate the main building blocks and not any particular one.

Some minor points.

1) Don't use the triangular ground symbol for a positive supply rail. It just confuses everyone.

2) Q12 is not a current source. It is a diode connected transistor. It's just a diode. And no, it doesn't properly cancel out any temperature drifts. Not sure why you've drawn it.

3) Q11 & Q8 do form a current mirror. Q15 & Q16 are slaved off it to provide multiple current sinks.

4) R2 is only 100R: that's a lot of current going into those mirrors ...

Now you can have even more fun trying to get it to simulate!


by signality
March 06, 2013

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