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MOSFET switching inductive loads

MOSFET switching inductive loads PUBLIC

A n-channel MOSFET switches an inductive load, both with and without a diode to catch the voltage spike.

by CircuitLab | updated June 08, 2017

diode   flyback   inductive   mosfet   motor   power   relay  



by britonet | updated September 13, 2016

g5v-1   g5v1   relay  



A simple relay circuit hooked up to a oscillator.

by rdaviselec | updated February 23, 2015

oscillator   relay  

2 Channel Relay Shield Circuit

2 Channel Relay Shield Circuit PUBLIC

by fadi.alkass | updated June 27, 2014

2-channel-relay   arduino   arduino-relay   relay   relay-shield  

Relay Zener Diode Thing

Relay Zener Diode Thing PUBLIC

by jimmyruby | updated April 30, 2014

battery   diode   induction   inductor   inductors   relay   resistors   switch   zener   zener-diode  

AC power relay switch

AC power relay switch PUBLIC

AC Power On/Off button switch with relay and bistable transistor latch. Minimum power consumption. Start with Off state.

by febb | updated March 18, 2014

power-switch   relay   switch  


PhoneInterruptCircuit PUBLIC

by mike.humphrey | updated August 20, 2013




by yengcorral | updated August 15, 2013

diode   dpdt   dpdt-relay   relay   transistor  

Turn Signal System With Brake And Emergancy Flashers

Turn Signal System With Brake And Emergancy Flashers PUBLIC

Automotive Brake Light System Using CMOS Logic. includes brake turn signals and emergency flashers .

by epluznick | updated August 11, 2013

555   and   diode   flyback-diode   inverting   logic-gate   nor   pull-down   relay  

power relay on/off

power relay on/off PUBLIC

Momentary buttons provide latching "on" and "off" action for power relay.

by jwatte | updated May 01, 2013

power   relay  

4-Bit Binary to Decimal Decoder

4-Bit Binary to Decimal Decoder PUBLIC

takes 4 data lines and writes them as a single digit from 0 to 15

by djsnowman06 | updated March 24, 2013

4-bit   binary-to-decimal   decoder   relay  

4 Bit Counter

4 Bit Counter PUBLIC

cascaded flip flop circuits. 4 bit counter. expandable

by djsnowman06 | updated March 17, 2013

4-bit   counter   relay  

Simple relay demo 01

Simple relay demo 01 PUBLIC

Simple relay demo. Note that open circuit relay contact resistance is 1000T. Simulate > Time Domain > Run Time-Domain Simulation

by signality | updated March 14, 2013

relay   tutorial  

Bluetooth 230V Control

Bluetooth 230V Control PUBLIC

by rimesime | updated November 30, 2012

230v   arduino   atmega8   relay   voltage-divider  

BMW - Lighting Circuit

BMW - Lighting Circuit PUBLIC

by Benjamin99 | updated November 10, 2012

angel-eye   bmw   e36   hid   relay  



5vdc From the USB port of the PC fires a 5V mini relay which passes 120VAC to the coils of a larger 120VAC 10A relay. The normally open contacts of the relay provide power to the duplex receptacle. I...

by stormtrooper | updated October 07, 2012

relay   switch   usb  

bjt and relay

bjt and relay PUBLIC

by foofoo | updated April 26, 2012

bjt   relay  

Relay Oscillator

Relay Oscillator PUBLIC

A fantastic way to destroy a relay in short order!

by JamesFysh | updated March 20, 2012

oscillator   relay  


Bouncy_Switch PUBLIC

Simple example of how to simulate switch bounce.

by CarlSawtell | updated March 11, 2012

mechanical   relay   switching  

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