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BMW E36 Wiring Schematic for installing and using an auxiliary Relay/Fuse Panel to control the following. - 55w HID Low Beam Headlights - CCFL Angel Eye Rings - 35w HID Fog Lamps

***Disclaimer - I am just a hobbyist and not a trained electrician or engineer.


Hi Benjamin, Well done. Gives me an idea. I might document a number of electrical changes I have made to my KE30 Corolla I am restoring. Automotive overall wiring diagrams are always such messy things to follow, and breaking it up into smaller diagrams makes it so much easier to follow or troubleshoot problems.

by wontok6494
November 10, 2012

Thanks! I'm basically installing new HID Low Beams, Fog Lights and Angel Eye rings. I will be bypassing all the factory wiring (for many reasons). I am building an auxiliary relay/fuse panel using a Bussmann 15303-4-0-4 box, GXL wiring, and Weatherpack connectors (hence the P1P1 = Plug 1 Pin 1). I know this may be considered major overkill, but I like for my mod's to look factory as possible as well. Plus, it helps me to see it on "paper" before i get started. I love this site, so glad I found it! Will be using it more in the future.

by Benjamin99
November 10, 2012

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