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Created March 07, 2012
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Simple example of how to simulate switch bounce.


The problem to be addressed here is the tendency of mechanical switches to "bounce" or, as in the case of a rotary encoder, the "on" state may be noisy as the conducting state intermittently opens.

To this end, the main switch here is SW2, which I am opening and closing at 200Hz. However, the node SW_OUT goes low only when SW2 is conduction AND a second virtual switch SW1 is also closed. (By this I mean SW2 represents a physical switch, SW1 merely models the inability for that switch to behave ideally) The second switch is set to be closed most of the time, but turns off briefly every millisecond (CLK2 is 80% duty cycle)

An example of how to deglitch the waveform is shown in


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