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ESP32 Solar Charger w TP4056

ESP32 Solar Charger w TP4056 PUBLIC

TP4056 module manages charging of the 3.7v 18650 Lion battery, charged from solar panel providing 5-8v. TP4056 also provides a 5v output to run the ESP32 board.

by garym55 | updated September 16, 2023

18650   arduino   esp32   tp4056  

my custom parts

my custom parts PUBLIC

Custom parts for: - WEMOS LOLIN32 Lite - CAN BUS breakout board SN65HVD230 - DC/DC converter MP1584EN

by sekom | updated April 04, 2022

arduino   esp32   lolin32   mp1584en   sn65hvd230  


rpm-t PUBLIC

alternator W+ signal processor

by sekom | updated April 04, 2022

arduino   rpm  

Arduino Nano

Arduino Nano PUBLIC

Circuit diagram for Arduino nano with AT328P microprocessor.

by GrandNecro | updated December 25, 2020


Arduino: simple LED circuit

Arduino: simple LED circuit PUBLIC

by rzachari | updated September 25, 2020


Arduino Uno R3

Arduino Uno R3 PUBLIC

by rzachari | updated September 25, 2020


DFROBOT Arduino Uno v3.0

DFROBOT Arduino Uno v3.0 PUBLIC

by Jason117 | updated August 18, 2020

arduino   uno  

Arduino Uno

Arduino Uno PUBLIC

by paulmirel | updated February 10, 2018

arduino   basic   uno  

Arduino MOSFET power drive

Arduino MOSFET power drive PUBLIC

by paulmirel | updated February 04, 2018

arduino   basic   mosfet   power  

Arduino NPN power drive

Arduino NPN power drive PUBLIC

by paulmirel | updated February 16, 2017

arduino   npn   power   star-point   transistor  

Arduino debounce simulation

Arduino debounce simulation PUBLIC

Press F5 to simulate debounce behavior. Alter R4 and C1 to change behavior.

by Tobbera | updated February 03, 2016

arduino   debounce   simulation   switch  

dual SSR arduino switch

dual SSR arduino switch PUBLIC

I made this circuit to control two Solid State Relays from two GPIO pins.

by jmiller944 | updated January 20, 2016

arduino   rpi   ssr   tip120  

Standalone atmega328 circuit

Standalone atmega328 circuit PUBLIC

Simplified Arduino-on-breadboard circuit

by fadi.alkass | updated January 17, 2016

arduino   arduino-on-breadboard   atmega328  

Control de Precisión motor Paso

Control de Precisión motor Paso PUBLIC

Small precision stepper control with rotative encoder and pololu. More info at

by mxgxw | updated October 25, 2015

a4988   arduino   encoder   pololu   stepper  

Conexión para Reemplazo de Firmware en ESP8266

Conexión para Reemplazo de Firmware en ESP8266 PUBLIC

Conexión básica para reemplazar el firmware en el módulo WiFI ESP8266 con el convertidor USB-Serie FTDI y Arduino.

by mxgxw | updated August 21, 2015

arduino   bootloader   esp8266   ftdi  

Arduino Pro Mini

Arduino Pro Mini PUBLIC

by Kaptn_flint | updated August 05, 2015

arduino   microcontroller   mini   pro  


step-sequencer PUBLIC

DIY step sequencer built with microcontroller, analog mux and 7555 astable oscillator.

by langsound | updated March 10, 2015

7555   ac_dc   arduino   mux   punk   step-sequencer   teensy  

ODROID-UART level shifter

ODROID-UART level shifter PUBLIC

As designed by Jean-Damien (, a poor man's level shifter to wire up ODROID devices with an Arduino

by TheBigB | updated January 17, 2015

arduino   level-shifting   odroid   uart  

Xbee Reset Control for Arduino

Xbee Reset Control for Arduino PUBLIC

by fallrisk | updated September 24, 2014


2 Channel Relay Shield Circuit

2 Channel Relay Shield Circuit PUBLIC

by fadi.alkass | updated June 27, 2014

2-channel-relay   arduino   arduino-relay   relay   relay-shield  

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