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Arduino - ATmega168/328 pinout

Arduino - ATmega168/328 pinout PUBLIC

by flc | updated January 16, 2013

arduino   atmega168   atmega328  

LED 3x3x3 Cube

LED 3x3x3 Cube PUBLIC

This is a LED 3x3x3 cube circuit. The LED's Cathodes are soldered together in 3 rows, and the anodes are soldered 3 high in 9 columns. This particular cube will be connected to an arduino. 3 NPN...

by dan89156108 | updated January 05, 2013

3x3x3   arduino   cube   led   mosfet   npn  

Arduino Hygrometer

Arduino Hygrometer PUBLIC

Illustration showing how to build an Arduino-based hygrometer using the EFS-10 humidity sensor in combination with an LM135 temperature sensor.

by aweijnitz | updated January 05, 2013

arduino   efs-10   humidity-sensor   lm135   temperature-sensor  

Humidity Sensor, EFS-10 measurement circuit

Humidity Sensor, EFS-10 measurement circuit PUBLIC

How to hook up the EFS-10 humidity sensor to an Arduino. Sketch need to generate a square wave over D0 and D1 to read value at A0.

by aweijnitz | updated January 02, 2013

arduino   efs-10  


Boarduino PUBLIC

by redricislost | updated December 31, 2012

arduino   arduino-boarduino   boarduino  

Arduino Clojure New Mail Checker

Arduino Clojure New Mail Checker PUBLIC

Simple Gmail new emails checker with clojure and arduino Source code:

by Gonzih | updated December 28, 2012

arduino   clodiuno   clojure  

Arduino DUE


A detailed layout of the new Arduino Uno made entirely of box pieces; includes all pins as well as both USB ports and DC input jack.

by titous | updated December 24, 2012

analog   arduino   communication   dac   dc   digital   due   pwm   usb  

Arduino Due with nodes

Arduino Due with nodes PUBLIC

by titous | updated December 24, 2012

arduino   due  

Reducción de voltajes para conexión Serie Raspberry PI

Reducción de voltajes para conexión Serie Raspberry PI PUBLIC

Circuito de reducción de voltajes para interfaz serial GPIO Raspberry PI <-> Arduino Mega

by mxgxw | updated December 16, 2012

arduino   gpio   raspberry-pi   serial  

motor and temp sensor arduino

motor and temp sensor arduino PUBLIC

by MrPickle | updated December 14, 2012

arduino   dc   dc-motor   dc-motor-sensor-arduino   motor   sensor  


voltamperimetro-Arduino PUBLIC

Circuit per fer un voltímetre-amperimetre amb Arduino.

by Anskar | updated December 01, 2012

amperimeter   arduino   voltimeter  

Bluetooth 230V Control

Bluetooth 230V Control PUBLIC

by rimesime | updated November 30, 2012

230v   arduino   atmega8   relay   voltage-divider  

Placa Arduino Uno

Placa Arduino Uno PUBLIC

by nmasmarti | updated November 28, 2012

arduino   arduino-uno  

Arduino + 555 Watchdog circuit

Arduino + 555 Watchdog circuit PUBLIC

by mattbornski | updated November 11, 2012

555   arduino   reset   timer   watchdog  

Sparkfun MPU6050 to Arduino with voltage shift

Sparkfun MPU6050 to Arduino with voltage shift PUBLIC

This circuit illustrates connecting a 3.3v sensor, the Sparkfun MPU 6050 breakout board, using 2 MOSFETS as voltage shifters to a 5v microcontroller. The Arduino board is an Arduino Uno and the ATMega...

by HansRoaming | updated October 07, 2012

arduino   i2c   mpu6050   nerdkit  


CT_to_digital_pin_with_indicator PUBLIC

by Sergegsx | updated September 29, 2012

arduino   ct   digital   led  


CT_to_DigitalPin_VoltageMultiplier PUBLIC

by Sergegsx | updated September 21, 2012

arduino   ct   current-transformer   digital-pin   voltage-multiplier  

Arduino Leonardo

Arduino Leonardo PUBLIC

by MarlboroCollegeGadgets | updated September 11, 2012

arduino   leonardo  

Arduino UNO


by crazyhacker007 | updated September 10, 2012

arduino   arduino-uno   uno  

Pill despenser circuit

Pill despenser circuit PUBLIC

This is the guts of a pill dispenser I'm working on.

by sofiadragon1979 | updated July 12, 2012

arduino   servo-motor  

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