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Created January 23, 2013
Last modified January 29, 2013
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Camera triggered by Arduino


Car key spy cam controlled by a digispark. Spy cam is powered over USB but when in charging mode photos cannot be triggered. So the 5V connection to the USB is controlled by Arduino.

Triggering a photo works as follows: first set Arduinos Pin 0 to HIGH for 2 secs to power it on and set it to LOW. then set Pin 1 to HIGH for 500ms and to LOW to trigger the photo. Set Pin 0 to HIGH for 2secs again and then to LOW to power the camera off.

Now we can go into charging mode by setting Pin 4 to HIGH for as long as we want to charge the camera.

The whole circuit is powered using an old Nokia cell phone charger and a 7805 voltage regulator to bring the voltage down to 5V.


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