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RC Car Controller

RC Car Controller PUBLIC

by fadi.alkass | updated June 26, 2014

arduino   arduino-rc-car  

Arduino Fusball

Arduino Fusball PUBLIC

Small circuit representing an electronic fusball table controlled by an Arduino Uno.

by cgwieduwilt | updated November 21, 2013

arduino   servo   servo-motor  

arduino con transistor

arduino con transistor PUBLIC

un pequeño circuito para activar un rele con una salida digital de arduino.

by santy | updated September 07, 2013


RC Car - Arduino Bluetooth

RC Car - Arduino Bluetooth PUBLIC

Diagrama eléctrico de conexión para el proyecto de carro a control remoto construido con Arduino Nano y módulo bluetooth.

by mxgxw | updated August 18, 2013

arduino   dc-motor   h-bridge   jy-mcu   nano  

Arduino Car Alarm

Arduino Car Alarm PUBLIC

Arduino Pro Mini 5v based car alarm - Microwave motion detection

by jwbc46 | updated August 05, 2013

arduino   car-alarm  

Current transformer interface for Arduino

Current transformer interface for Arduino PUBLIC

The circuit to interface a current transformer to an Arduino analog input pin. The burden resistor needs to be chosen based on the specifications of the CT and the expected amperage range for...

by nsayer | updated July 24, 2013

adc   ammeter   arduino   current-transformer  

SEG champ carré tournant

SEG champ carré tournant PUBLIC

by Thieu | updated July 06, 2013

arduino   energie-libre   free-energy   searl   seg  


LED_Display_With_Pause_Switch PUBLIC

A simple Arduino project that will cycle through the LEDs on PIN3-6. When the switch tied to PIN2 is clicked an interrupt will fire and pause the loop.

by Feenix | updated July 05, 2013



Arduino_LED_Game PUBLIC

A simple game circuit. It cycles through each of the leds on Pins3-7. If you click the switch when the randomly selected LED is lit, it will flash the LED on PIN8. Otherwise it flashes the LED on...

by Feenix | updated July 05, 2013


Shed Light v1

Shed Light v1 PUBLIC

Turns on my garage light when the roller doors are activated from their remotes. Only turns on light if light level below threshold.

by garyper | updated June 21, 2013


Teensy Moonica

Teensy Moonica PUBLIC

This is the Teensy Moonica, a Teensy 2.0 based cute monster.

by davidvale | updated June 15, 2013

arduino   teensy   teensy-2_0   toy   usb  

Arduino Word Clock

Arduino Word Clock PUBLIC

This circuit uses an ATMega328 with the Arduino bootloader and necessary supporting hardware to drive three high-power shift registers. These shift registers light up words through a panel to display...

by eightbitlegends | updated June 11, 2013

arduino   clock   word-clock  

74HC595 and 7segments display

74HC595 and 7segments display PUBLIC

by fmaz | updated June 10, 2013

74hc595   7segment   arduino  

Arduino Pro Micro Button Board

Arduino Pro Micro Button Board PUBLIC

Sparkfun Arduino Pro Micro driving a button board.

by MorganJr | updated May 20, 2013

arduino   arduino-pro-micro   button   sparkfun  

RFID Door Control

RFID Door Control PUBLIC

Control a motor to lock and unlock a door, using the RFID12 reader and an Arduino.

by pholcomb | updated May 03, 2013

arduino   rfid  

IR presence detector (e.g. for model railway trains)

IR presence detector (e.g. for model railway trains) PUBLIC

Provides a presence detector for model railway trains and similar moving things, providing an input to Arduino microcontrollers.

by rickb | updated April 27, 2013

arduino   led   model-railway   phototransistor  

Directional IR presence detector

Directional IR presence detector PUBLIC

Provides a presence detector for model railway trains and similar moving things, providing an input to Arduino microcontrollers.

by rickb | updated April 23, 2013

arduino   led   model-railway   phototransistor  

Rear Bike Light

Rear Bike Light PUBLIC

Schematic for my Rear Bike Light, using 2 High power LEDs and an embedded ATmega328p with the Arduino boot loader to control the LEDs via PWM thru two N-channel MOSFET current sinks. It's also...

by rainierez | updated April 19, 2013

arduino   ftdi   high-power-led   led-driver   mosfet   pwm  

Arduino Uno

Arduino Uno PUBLIC

by duckie68 | updated April 17, 2013

arduino   pinout   uno  

Analog pushbutton array

Analog pushbutton array PUBLIC

by duckie68 | updated April 17, 2013

analog   arduino   array   pushbutton  

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