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Created August 06, 2023
Last modified September 16, 2023
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TP4056 module manages charging of the 3.7v 18650 Lion battery, charged from solar panel providing 5-8v. TP4056 also provides a 5v output to run the ESP32 board.


Solar panel provides 5-8 volts, up to 100ma, to TP4056 charge controller module. TP4056 manages the charge of a 3.7 volt Lion 18650 battery cell. TP4056 provides 5 volts regulated output (adjustable voltage) which powers the ESP32 board.

The ESP32 board uses two of its inputs to monitor and report on the solar panel and battery voltage. Two voltage dividers reduces the solar panel voltage (5-8v) and battery voltage (2.8-4.2v) to acceptable range for the ESP32 board whose inputs are limited to 3.0 volts.


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