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Basic (CMOS) Inverter

Basic (CMOS) Inverter PUBLIC

MOSFET (CMOS) inverter

by ACDC | updated June 19, 2013

basic   digital   inverter   mosfet   transistor  

Dimmable Joule Thief Buck circuit with MOSFet

Dimmable Joule Thief Buck circuit with MOSFet PUBLIC

A quick and easy circuit to control a 10v 200mA LED array using a 2N7000 MOSFET. Dimming is done through R2.

by qs | updated May 09, 2013

2n7000   buck   joule-thief   mosfet  

Rear Bike Light

Rear Bike Light PUBLIC

Schematic for my Rear Bike Light, using 2 High power LEDs and an embedded ATmega328p with the Arduino boot loader to control the LEDs via PWM thru two N-channel MOSFET current sinks. It's also...

by rainierez | updated April 19, 2013

arduino   ftdi   high-power-led   led-driver   mosfet   pwm  



Current regulator based on P-Channel MOSFET. Adjust R1 to change current - voltage drop should equal Q2's V-EB threshold.

by DennisT1 | updated April 01, 2013

current-regulator   linear   mosfet   p-channel  

Two Stage MOSFET Amplifier

Two Stage MOSFET Amplifier PUBLIC

by mlew | updated February 23, 2013

darlington-bjt   fuse   mosfet   op-amp   transformer  

MOSFET logic gate counter-example

MOSFET logic gate counter-example PUBLIC

a messy demonstration to show that swapping the PDN and PUN while inverting the output is not equivalent to the original circuit

by stashcraft | updated February 07, 2013

cmos   digital   logic-gate   mosfet  

Electronics S2L1

Electronics S2L1 PUBLIC

Basic MOSFET CS amp.

by stashcraft | updated January 15, 2013

amplifier   lab   mosfet  

LED 3x3x3 Cube

LED 3x3x3 Cube PUBLIC

This is a LED 3x3x3 cube circuit. The LED's Cathodes are soldered together in 3 rows, and the anodes are soldered 3 high in 9 columns. This particular cube will be connected to an arduino. 3 NPN...

by dan89156108 | updated January 05, 2013

3x3x3   arduino   cube   led   mosfet   npn  

PC Keyboard multiple key press (MSM)

PC Keyboard multiple key press (MSM) PUBLIC

This circuit provides a single pulse output at each transition of the switch operation after activating SHIFT and/or CTL.

by Didactech | updated December 07, 2012

555   mosfet   pc-interfacing  

PC keyboard Toggle DPST to Pulse (SSM)

PC keyboard Toggle DPST to Pulse (SSM) PUBLIC

This circuit provides a single pulse output at each transition of the switch operation.

by Didactech | updated December 06, 2012

mosfet   pc-interfacing  

PC Keyboard Rotary Switch to Pulse (RSM)

PC Keyboard Rotary Switch to Pulse (RSM) PUBLIC

This circuit provides a single pulse output at each transition of the switch operation.

by Didactech | updated December 06, 2012

555   mosfet   pc-interfacing  

MOSFET Regulator


Zero drop out FET regulator with lead resistance compensation ("negative resistance"). Working simulation.

by paulmz | updated October 17, 2012

mosfet   simulation   voltage-regulator  



by FVS | updated October 17, 2012

bridge-rectifier   irf7319   mosfet   rectifier  

Motor Driver using MOSFETs

Motor Driver using MOSFETs PUBLIC

A high power motor driver using two p-channel and two n-channel MOSFET transistors capable of driving up to 33 Amperes at a maximum of 60 Volts.

by banerjen | updated September 30, 2012

irf530   irf9530   mosfet   motor-driver   motor-driver-mosfet  



by pcbolt | updated September 26, 2012



MOSFET's_driver_3 PUBLIC

by assimg | updated September 14, 2012

driver   mosfet  


MOSFET's_driver_2 PUBLIC

by assimg | updated September 14, 2012

driver   mosfet  


MOSFET's_driver_1 PUBLIC

by assimg | updated September 14, 2012

driver   mosfet  

como simulo este amplificador ?

como simulo este amplificador ? PUBLIC

Estoy intentando hacer estecircuito amplificador utilizando mosfet, pero como recien estoy usando esta aplicacion no se como lograr visualizar la seƱal amplificada, lo he sacado de este link:...

by JorgeLu | updated August 27, 2012

10-w   amplificador   mosfet  

MOSFET acionando carga indutiva

MOSFET acionando carga indutiva PUBLIC

by felipe.n.martins | updated June 03, 2012

inductive-load   mosfet  

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