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I have spent way too much time searching Circuit Lab's website to find where to cancel my membership in order to avoid the annual fee. I believe this is not illegal. Anyone else had any luck finding where to cancel? I guess if you were successful you would not be here.

by personjohn6226
September 18, 2023

I didn't find where to cancel but I did find where you can pause your membership.

  1. Go to your account profile
  2. Click on "account settings" link
  3. Click on Membership Details button
  4. Click on "modify your membership" link
  5. Select Pause membership renewal radio button

Also, on your account setting page in the lower right there is a link to delete your account. Hope this helps.

by Twotinyamoeba
September 25, 2023

I faced the same problem as you, and it has not been solved. CircuitLab's "official support email" never replies. This website now smells fishy and fraudulent to me.

by hahakuaile
November 11, 2023

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