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cap_loaded_opamp_01 PUBLIC

An simple example of compensating a capacitively loaded opamp. Simulate > Time Domain > Run Time-Domain Simulation.

by signality | updated August 23, 2012

amplifier   compensation   op-amp   stability  

CMoy Pocket Amplifier

CMoy Pocket Amplifier PUBLIC

Small audio amplifier. Power supply with left and right channel amps.

by beausef | updated August 17, 2012

amplifier   audio   op-amp  

simple class d amp 01

simple class d amp 01 PUBLIC

A very quick and dirty Class D amp demo

by signality | updated August 07, 2012

amplifier   class-d   pwm  

Amplificador de 100W integrado

Amplificador de 100W integrado PUBLIC

by Reiki | updated July 30, 2012

amplifier   integrator  

Inverting Amplifier using OpAmp

Inverting Amplifier using OpAmp PUBLIC

Just a simple inverting amplifier using OpAmp !!

by au_kishore | updated July 18, 2012

amplifier   opamp  

Auido Amp Driven From Phototransistor Example

Auido Amp Driven From Phototransistor Example PUBLIC

This is an example of an audio amplifier meant to let you "hear" when there is light present.

by hevans | updated June 13, 2012

amplifier   audio   high-pass   low-pass  

Logarithmic amplifier

Logarithmic amplifier PUBLIC

Standard log-amp design. Modified so both negative and positive signals will be processed.

by anubi | updated June 02, 2012

amplifier   analog   level-shift   op-amp  

Differential FET-BJT Amplifier

Differential FET-BJT Amplifier PUBLIC

Stripped down version of "Geophone amplifier".

by anubi | updated May 20, 2012

amplifier   audio   bias-point   bjt   jfet   level-shift  

differential FET/BJT amp 2

differential FET/BJT amp 2 PUBLIC

Differential FET input, single supply, referenced to ground. V6 or R13 sets bias point. Differential in. Differential out. Note Q1, Q2 feed back through Q5E to improve CMRR and stabilize bias over...

by anubi | updated May 20, 2012

amplifier   audio   bjt   differential   jfet  

Geophone Amplifier

Geophone Amplifier PUBLIC

Single-supply voltage. High-impedance differential input referenced to ground. Low impedance differential line-driver output. This circuit would not converge with old JFET model. CircuitLab fixed the...

by anubi | updated May 19, 2012

amplifier   audio   bjt   differential   jfet   level-shift   startup  


Trouble2 PUBLIC

This is a subset of "Trouble 1". This is the core voltage gain and DC bias feedback which would exhibit convergence difficulty on the old FET model. CircuitLab has fixed the model. This circuit now...

by anubi | updated May 18, 2012

amplifier   bjt   convergence   feedback   initial-conditions   jfet   level-shift   startup  

Single Transformer Pre-Amp

Single Transformer Pre-Amp PUBLIC

by AMZ | updated May 15, 2012

amplifier   audio  

Quasi NMOS


The Quasi NMOS 350 Audio Power Amplifier was designed in the mid-2000's by a wonderful Australian fellow known on the Internet as Quasi. Quasi dragged a 1960's quasi-complementary output circuit...

by TAJ | updated April 07, 2012

amplifier   audio   mosfet  

Op Amp Inverting Amplifier

Op Amp Inverting Amplifier PUBLIC

by rhermosillo | updated April 04, 2012

amplifier   inverting   op-amp  

Op Amp Inverting Summing Amplifier

Op Amp Inverting Summing Amplifier PUBLIC

by rhermosillo | updated April 04, 2012

amplifier   inverting   op-amp   summing  

Op Amp Non-inverting Shelving Amplifier

Op Amp Non-inverting Shelving Amplifier PUBLIC

by rhermosillo | updated April 04, 2012

amplifier   non-inverting   op-amp  

AC Coupled Op Amp Non-inverting Amplifier

AC Coupled Op Amp Non-inverting Amplifier PUBLIC

by rhermosillo | updated April 04, 2012

ac   amplifier   feedback   non-inverting   op-amp  

headphone amp

headphone amp PUBLIC

by twimpiex | updated March 18, 2012

amplifier   battery-operated   headphone  

BJT Amplifier Common Emitter

BJT Amplifier Common Emitter PUBLIC

by ab-irato | updated March 15, 2012

amplifier   bjt  

DX Amp


This is a simple 50 watt audio power amplifier circuit that was designed by Brazilian Carlos Mergulhão who offers it freely to the DIY community -- for non commercial use. It has since become renowned...

by TAJ | updated March 13, 2012

amplifier   audio   bjt  

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