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Logarithmic amplifier

Logarithmic amplifier PUBLIC

Standard log-amp design. Modified so both negative and positive signals will be processed.

by anubi | updated June 02, 2012

amplifier   analog   level-shift   op-amp  

Howland Current Source

Howland Current Source PUBLIC

Classic Howland Current Source

by anubi | updated May 23, 2012

constant-current-source   current-regulator   op-amp  

Differential FET-BJT Amplifier

Differential FET-BJT Amplifier PUBLIC

Stripped down version of "Geophone amplifier".

by anubi | updated May 20, 2012

amplifier   audio   bias-point   bjt   jfet   level-shift  

differential FET/BJT amp 2

differential FET/BJT amp 2 PUBLIC

Differential FET input, single supply, referenced to ground. V6 or R13 sets bias point. Differential in. Differential out. Note Q1, Q2 feed back through Q5E to improve CMRR and stabilize bias over...

by anubi | updated May 20, 2012

amplifier   audio   bjt   differential   jfet  

Geophone Amplifier

Geophone Amplifier PUBLIC

Single-supply voltage. High-impedance differential input referenced to ground. Low impedance differential line-driver output. This circuit would not converge with old JFET model. CircuitLab fixed the...

by anubi | updated May 19, 2012

amplifier   audio   bjt   differential   jfet   level-shift   startup  


Trouble2 PUBLIC

This is a subset of "Trouble 1". This is the core voltage gain and DC bias feedback which would exhibit convergence difficulty on the old FET model. CircuitLab has fixed the model. This circuit now...

by anubi | updated May 18, 2012

amplifier   bjt   convergence   feedback   initial-conditions   jfet   level-shift   startup  

servo amp 2

servo amp 2 PUBLIC

An extension of servo amp 1. Note dead zone insures no "shoot through" or "cross conduction". For bi-directional motor drive or thermoelectric cooler drive.

by anubi | updated March 22, 2012

h-bridge   level-shift   motor   power   servo  

servo amp 1

servo amp 1 PUBLIC

Drives high power loads with small control voltage. Note "dead zone" near zero. This is to eliminate "shoot thru" and guarantee both transistors can not on simultaneously. Not recommended for audio...

by anubi | updated March 22, 2012

motor   power   servo