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by geedeebee | updated January 07, 2014

audio   guitar   jfet   preamp   stompbox  

Tonebender 3-knob

Tonebender 3-knob PUBLIC

A three-knob Tonebender fuzz circuit. See for details...

by geedeebee | updated January 07, 2014

audio   guitar   pnp   stompbox  

Another Buffer

Another Buffer PUBLIC

by geedeebee | updated January 06, 2014

audio   guitar   op-amp   stompbox  

MadProf Stone Grey Distortion

MadProf Stone Grey Distortion PUBLIC

Mad Professor Stone Grey Distortion circuit. Very interesting clipping and feedback!!

by geedeebee | updated January 05, 2014

audio   guitar   op-amp   stompbox  

Parametric EQ Boost / Cut

Parametric EQ Boost / Cut PUBLIC

A parametric mid-boost/cut with variable frequency and 'Q'

by luigi.maroni | updated November 27, 2013

audio   boost   cut   eq   parametric  

Audio Power Amplifier

Audio Power Amplifier PUBLIC

Simple Class B amp based on Douglas Selfs model amplifier featured in chapter 3 of his "Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook"

by fredk | updated August 18, 2013

amplifier   audio  

300 watt mono amplifier

300 watt mono amplifier PUBLIC

by xXtrollerXx | updated May 19, 2013

amplifier   audio   audio-amplifier  

Balance Input-25

Balance Input-25 PUBLIC

by ac3 | updated May 01, 2013

audio   balance  

Twin T


by alkopop79 | updated April 12, 2013

audio   drum   oscillator   sine   synt   twin-t  

Single Supply Mic Amp w power supply rej

Single Supply Mic Amp w power supply rej PUBLIC

This circuit is a simple mic-bias circuit for single supply applications with simple power supply rejection. Use any suitable op amp with supply voltage and gain BW response for your application....

by manu | updated April 02, 2013

audio   battery-powered   compander-code   mic   mic-bias   preamp   single-supply   supply-rejection  

Single Supply Simple OpAmp gain circuit for mic test on microntrollers w A/D

Single Supply Simple OpAmp gain circuit for mic test on microntrollers w A/D PUBLIC

Simple amplifier which takes mic audio input and provides gain & DC centering for single supply microcontroller input

by manu | updated March 16, 2013

analog   audio   battery   microphone   preamp   single-supply  

Audio Amplifier Output

Audio Amplifier Output PUBLIC

This output circuit is for TDA2003 audio amplifier. Circuit is from datasheet. -3dB points are 21.28 Hz and 1.585 MHz?

by kjuurikka | updated March 10, 2013

3db   amplifier   audio   filter   tda2003  

Make: Electronics p.91 -  Exp 11 Alarm Audio Oscillator

Make: Electronics p.91 - Exp 11 Alarm Audio Oscillator PUBLIC

Audio oscillator circuit for alarm project p91 of Make: Electronics book. I had to cheat on the PUT component which doesn't exist in the Circuit Lab toolbox.

by dlbewley | updated March 03, 2013

alarm   audio   make   oscillator  

dumb distortion unit

dumb distortion unit PUBLIC

silly single-transistor germanium distortion unit, as spec'ed by the distributer.

by stashcraft | updated January 30, 2013

amplifier   audio   bjt   guitar  

Linkwitz transform

Linkwitz transform PUBLIC

Linkwitz transform for EQing speaker drivers

by endolith | updated January 17, 2013

active-filter   audio   frequency-domain   loudspeaker   op-amp  

Audio laser

Audio laser PUBLIC

by Giantawesomeep | updated October 05, 2012

555-timer   audio   easy   giantawesomemeep   laser   simple-circut   simple-circuts  



by Moroccomoose | updated September 19, 2012

audio   di   impedance-matching   re-amp  

CMoy Pocket Amplifier

CMoy Pocket Amplifier PUBLIC

Small audio amplifier. Power supply with left and right channel amps.

by beausef | updated August 17, 2012

amplifier   audio   op-amp  

USB Powered Audio Trigger

USB Powered Audio Trigger PUBLIC

Purpose: Using the power from a USB port and an audio signal from the headphone jack this circuit produces a signal which may be used to trigger other devices such as relays etc.

by reillyp | updated August 08, 2012

audio   trigger   usb  

Auido Amp Driven From Phototransistor Example

Auido Amp Driven From Phototransistor Example PUBLIC

This is an example of an audio amplifier meant to let you "hear" when there is light present.

by hevans | updated June 13, 2012

amplifier   audio   high-pass   low-pass  

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