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SR Digital Memory

SR Digital Memory PUBLIC

by magiman7 | updated July 27, 2015


Clock Divider

Clock Divider PUBLIC

by magiman7 | updated July 27, 2015




by magiman7 | updated July 27, 2015



Comparator PUBLIC

by magiman7 | updated July 27, 2015



Add-Subtract PUBLIC

by magiman7 | updated July 27, 2015


ALU Slice


by magiman7 | updated July 27, 2015


State Machine

State Machine PUBLIC

by magiman7 | updated July 27, 2015


Full Adder - CMOS

Full Adder - CMOS PUBLIC

2 Input 1 Bit 2 Stage CMOS adder. Contains fewer stages than other implementations at the cost of requiring more transistors.

by DanielHM | updated June 05, 2015

adder   arithmetic   cmos   digital   logic-gate  

XOR - 2 Input 2 Stage CMOS

XOR - 2 Input 2 Stage CMOS PUBLIC

XOR gate directly constructed from MOS transistors.

by DanielHM | updated June 04, 2015

cmos   digital   logic-gate   xor  

XOR - 3 Input 2 Stage CMOS

XOR - 3 Input 2 Stage CMOS PUBLIC

Out = A XOR B XOR C. Requires propagation through two gates (one set of gates is to generate inverted signals for the CMOS logic). Further scaling up of this type of multi-input circuit will require...

by DanielHM | updated June 04, 2015

cmos   digital   logic-gate   xor  

AND OR Digital circuit

AND OR Digital circuit PUBLIC

by heath.white23 | updated March 11, 2015

and   digital   gate   gates   not   or  

Reloj digital con 74LS192

Reloj digital con 74LS192 PUBLIC

by kurisu78 | updated December 04, 2014

digital   timer  

3 to 8 Decoder

3 to 8 Decoder PUBLIC

by maverich | updated October 13, 2014

3-to-8   3to8   decoder   demultiplexer   digital   gate   logic   logic-gates   multiplexer  

4-Bit Counter

4-Bit Counter PUBLIC

Simple Counter: Anyone ever make a counter like this?

by joeyglloyd | updated March 30, 2014

counter   digital  

3 bits counter

3 bits counter PUBLIC

by captain_bibo | updated September 21, 2013

3-bits   counter   digital  

Basic (CMOS) Inverter

Basic (CMOS) Inverter PUBLIC

MOSFET (CMOS) inverter

by ACDC | updated June 19, 2013

basic   digital   inverter   mosfet   transistor  

Digital button array

Digital button array PUBLIC

by duckie68 | updated April 17, 2013

arduino   array   digital   pushbutton  

MOSFET logic gate counter-example

MOSFET logic gate counter-example PUBLIC

a messy demonstration to show that swapping the PDN and PUN while inverting the output is not equivalent to the original circuit

by stashcraft | updated February 07, 2013

cmos   digital   logic-gate   mosfet  

NOR BJT Circuit


This is a way I have constructed a NOR TTL Logic Gate using NPN BJT transistors.

by digitalcircuitman777 | updated January 25, 2013

bjt   digital   digitalcircuitman777   logic-gate   nor   transistor   ttl  

Arduino DUE


A detailed layout of the new Arduino Uno made entirely of box pieces; includes all pins as well as both USB ports and DC input jack.

by titous | updated December 24, 2012

analog   arduino   communication   dac   dc   digital   due   pwm   usb  

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