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Two n-channel MOSFETs and two complementary p-channel MOSFETs form a two-input CMOS NOR logic gate.


When in_A or in_B are high, the output voltage is pulled low via M1 and/or M2. Otherwise, the output voltage pulled high via M3 and M4.

A few things to try in CircuitLab

Load the simulation by clicking "Open in editor" above, and then click "Simulate" at the bottom. Run a time domain simulation.

Verify digital operation

Plot the voltages at nodes in_A, in_B, and out versus time. You should verify that the logic performs the correct operation.

Power consumption

How much current is consumed? Compare to the MOSFET-and-resistor versions of the gate (see below).

See also

MOSFET and resistor NOR gate:


MOSFET and resistor NAND gate:


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