Cannot find my components for my project

Respected all,

I am new to the plateform and try to build a weather station with: Adafruit BME280 I2C STEMMA QT, Breakout Board ESP8266 Wifi Module, ARDUINO NANO3, LM2596 buck converter,

Any help would be welcome, even equivalent/replacements

Kind regards,


by goodfaith11972
November 14, 2022

All of these are available not only through Amazon (always check the shipping cost, you may have big surprises if you buy indirectly from individual), but also through most electronic components' suppliers.

As example: BME280 I2C

by vanderghast
November 14, 2022

It seems the URL is with an error. Try to type it:

by vanderghast
November 14, 2022

Thank you Vanderghast, if fact some could be sourced rather easily through Amazon. Willing to push the process and the tests through a reliable schematic, I have tried so far Circuitlab, Proteus, quartus, and none seem to be supplying the right product credentials to elaborate or set up a "live" test before i go back to the drawing board and physically connect everything without risking "setting fire". I am very greatful for your contribution and your answer. Would you have a virtual test board in mind with all the componant listed above, or do I have to go to github (but so far without any success for the platforms mentioned above :) Kind regards, Patrick.

by goodfaith11972
November 14, 2022

Thank you for the BME280 12C, seems to match my shopping list. It seems that adafruit is more a European supplier than US. Would you have in mind or favour any particular platform where I can pull out the componants listed, connect and compile to see if my schematic is correct? I am very inquisitive, so anything will do really. I am in France (Britanny), so do not worry if i do not reply yet, it is already 11.00 pm here, and it has been a long day, so please forgive me if I do not feed back on your answer in a timely manner :) Kind regards, Patrick.

by goodfaith11972
November 14, 2022

Note that it is "i 2 c", not "1 2 c" (well, I2C, not 12C). I2C ( i two c, or i square c ) is a communication protocol. Here, the particular chip assembly BME280 comes with the required parts to communicate through that protocol. It is maybe because you were using 12C (twelve c) that you have problem spotting the assembly easily.

As for the "platform", you can spot if that component is in one of the numerous "starting kit", that is probably where I would start. Otherwise, on Adafruit site for this case, or I would check YouTube to see if someone had made a video about using this assembly: they often supply a reference or two in order to go deeper that what they present.

by vanderghast
November 16, 2022

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