Voltage drop

An electric main is feeding two branches.I would like to know whether there will be any change in the current in the first branch if the load varies in the second?

by Tobinro
October 11, 2022

Does the current in the first branch depend upon the load connected to that branch or the entire load in the main?

by Tobinro
October 11, 2022

To a very good approximation the branches are independent, i.e. the current in one does not affect the other. However, if the current in one branch is so high that it causes a voltage drop in the main then the other branch voltage will fall also but in any rationally designed system this will not happen

by Foxx
October 11, 2022

May i ask how does the load increase on one branch affect the current flow in the other.As the current flow though a branch depends upon the load connected to it,as long as the load in the first branch is unchanged,how will that branch have more current when the load is increased in the second branch?

by Tobinro
October 12, 2022

A load increase in any one branch leads to increased current in the main.But how does the current in another branch gets affected as the load in that particular branch is unchanged

by Tobinro
October 12, 2022

Could anyone help me on the question above? Thank you

by Tobinro
October 13, 2022

As long as the "main" voltage stays constant the current in each branch depends only on the "main" voltage and branch load resistance and is independent of the other branch current. The problem worrying you occurs only if the "main" current (the sum of the branch currents) is so high that it causes a drop in 'main" voltage. In that case both currents drop. This is a situation which you, as a designer, will keep away from.

by Foxx
October 13, 2022

May i ask if the main current increase,how will the branch current change as the current through the branch depends the resistance of that particular branch which is unchanged?

For eg: A main feeding two branches. The two branches have their own resistance depending upon the loads connected to it.If i am increasing the load in the second branch,the main current and the current in the second branch increases.May i know how will this affect the current in the first branch in which the load haven't changed thereby without any change in the current through the first branch?

Could you help me on this?

by Tobinro
October 17, 2022

You are assuming that the branch and main currents depend only on branch resistance. This is true only if the "main" voltage stays absolutely independent of current. If the "main" voltage drops with load then you have to take this into account and calculate each branch currents as: (main voltage)/(branch resistance) As a designer you keep out of this situation by using a main voltage supply with negligible resistance and thus your assumption is workable.

by Foxx
October 18, 2022

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