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3 ph bridge

3 ph bridge PUBLIC

General arrangement 3 phase rectifier to feed a dc load

by Foxx | updated February 28, 2023

Lag Circuit

Lag Circuit PUBLIC

by Foxx | updated December 24, 2022

square root

square root PUBLIC

by Foxx | updated June 12, 2022

SCR Illustration

SCR Illustration PUBLIC

Illustration of SCR operation

by Foxx | updated January 21, 2022

LED resistor sizing

LED resistor sizing PUBLIC

by Foxx | updated February 28, 2021


Gen2_pwm_filter PUBLIC

This circuit was created to examine the use of an RC filter on PWM output of a controller. In actual use the output is fed back to the controller to implement a feedback regulator

by Foxx | updated January 27, 2021

Example Motor Transfer Function

Example Motor Transfer Function PUBLIC

This "circuit" models a dc motor with constants as shown. These constants can be edited to suit any other dc motor and the model can then be used in, for example, a speed voltage regulator or a speed...

by Foxx | updated November 29, 2018