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Prototype model for "Germanium" BJT

Prototype model for "Germanium" BJT PUBLIC

First attempt at simulating a Ge PNP transistor. Mainly concentrating on the low voltage Vbe junction.

by EF82 | updated September 07, 2020

DC/DC booster 430mV to 2.5V

DC/DC booster 430mV to 2.5V PUBLIC

Boosts a 430mV supply to drive 2 red LEDs in series, using a blocking oscillator. Uses a prototype sim of a small-signal "Germanium" BJT.

by EF82 | updated September 07, 2020

Miller effect with 2N3904

Miller effect with 2N3904 PUBLIC

Looking at the Miller effect in the context of bandwidth, using two configurations of BJT amplifier.

by EF82 | updated September 07, 2020

Average power by integration

Average power by integration PUBLIC

Integrating over SINE cycles to find average power and RMS.

by EF82 | updated September 04, 2020

Laplace oscillators - integrating

Laplace oscillators - integrating PUBLIC

Slow and Fast oscillators constructed from Laplace "1/s" blocks. These "perfect" oscillators exhibit amplitude decay.

by EF82 | updated September 04, 2020

Max Pwr Xfer

Max Pwr Xfer PUBLIC

by EF82 | updated September 02, 2020



by EF82 | updated September 02, 2020

Two differentiators

Two differentiators PUBLIC

Two methods of building differentiators from available "perfect" CL elements: capacitor or inductor. Both methods are voltage-in / voltage-out.

by EF82 | updated August 28, 2020

Slider Divider

Slider Divider PUBLIC

Possible simulation of Voltage Divider Exercise, slider A

by EF82 | updated August 18, 2020

One pulse at power on

One pulse at power on PUBLIC

Getting the 555, in monostable configuration, to pulse once only at power on.

by EF82 | updated August 18, 2020


ExploreAnalog PUBLIC

Exploring the capabilities of an analog computer, simulating a positional control system.

by EF82 | updated August 08, 2020

Summation (sketch)

Summation (sketch) PUBLIC

by EF82 | updated August 04, 2020

Non-linear (DC voltage-dependent) resistance

Non-linear (DC voltage-dependent) resistance PUBLIC

A prototype non-linear resistance, with similar characteristics to an incandescent lamp/bulb.

by EF82 | updated August 03, 2020

Incandescent Lamp

Incandescent Lamp PUBLIC

Some dynamic characteristics of a small incandescent lamp. Resistance increases non-linearly with applied voltage. There is an inrush current when "cold" due to a simulated "thermal" lag.

by EF82 | updated August 03, 2020


Fragment01 PUBLIC

Supporting information for comment on Question

by EF82 | updated July 31, 2020


Colpitts_50MHz_Stabilizing PUBLIC

Exploring how a Colpitts oscillator can self-stabilize its amplitude (AGC). Along the way, discovering how some simulated oscillators can "spontaneously" start.

by EF82 | updated July 27, 2020


ChargeDetection01 PUBLIC

The to-fro movement of a positive charge can switch off an n-channel JFET.

by EF82 | updated July 21, 2020


I_source_control PUBLIC

Experimenting with CSV loading of PWS() expression.

by EF82 | updated July 03, 2020


Kickstarter1 PUBLIC

A method to encourage a simulated astable to begin oscillations.

by EF82 | updated July 02, 2020


TruncatedSine PUBLIC

by EF82 | updated June 29, 2020