rf questions frm beginner

Hi, I'm a elementary student who at this point has learnt about basic formulas and parts, and built a variety of smaller circuits. The thing that aroused my interest is remote control, but the problem I'm having is that everyone on the Internet already has experience. All designs I have come across to switch an LED use ics, and don't have a explanation. The using ic's takes away most of the process from my sight, so I can't seem to make any progress. If anyone could explain, or recommend a book that goes from square one, it would be much appreciated.

by DIYDisciple
February 14, 2017

Does this help? http://www.petervis.com/Raspberry_PI/Driving_LEDs_with_CMOS_and_TTL_Outputs/Driving_an_LED_Using_Transistors.html

by mikerogerswsm
February 18, 2017
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