Soft-on Soft-off LED Driver

How can I make my 15W LED's have soft on and soft off features through which they start very subtly. Please help and mention every way possible. Operation Voltage :240V(China/India)

by vedant_chawlaa
August 02, 2018

1 Answer

Answer by mikerogerswsm

Interesting question. First you need to drive the leds from dc, ie have a rectifier in the circuit. Then you need to ramp the voltage (or rather current) up and down slowly. This is easy at low voltage but very difficult at high voltage. I'd suggest you reconfigure your lights to low voltage dc, possibly about 20V, and start from there.

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by mikerogerswsm
August 02, 2018

I have my LED's at 12 V. How can I ramp the voltage at the start so that it slowly increases?

by vedant_chawlaa
August 03, 2018

You really need to increase the current gradually, either by a dc method or by pwm (qv). Any competent electronics design engineer can be employed by you to do this. He will need to know the local regulations to ensure compliance. Please ensure that anything you market to the public is adequately insulated. mike

by mikerogerswsm
August 03, 2018

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