Battery capacity

I had a 350 Watts E-Bike with 48 v 22.3 Ah battery pack, that provided me with at least 40 km of mileage. Now I want to buy a bike of 1000 Watts. So my question is, how much mileage a 72 V 12 Ah battery pack would give, or a 60 V 12 Ah battery pack would give?

350 W, 48 V, 22.3 Ah= 40 km

1000 W, 60 V, 12 Ah= ?

1000 W, 72 V, 12 Ah= ?

Remember that a 48 V battery is made up with four, 60 B with five, and 72 V with six 12 V batteries (sealed lead-acid). Please answer this question as soon as possible, because I am in a distress. Thanks in advance

by owaishortus
April 21, 2018

1 Answer

Answer by mikerogerswsm

You are getting 40km on about 1000J. The other batteries are 720J and 860J, so will give proportionately less range. Higher voltage will give marginally better efficiency, dependent on motor and wiring resistance, and higher power will give better acceleration again dependent on circuit resistances.

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by mikerogerswsm
April 21, 2018

So it means 1000w system with 72v12Ah will give less range?

by owaishortus
April 21, 2018

Yes, The range is dependent on Volts x Amp-hours. The power does not matter (so long as it is sufficient).

by mikerogerswsm
April 21, 2018

Thank you Mike sir

by owaishortus
April 21, 2018

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