harmonic elimination method of grid connected hybrid sources

i am asking about an electrical and electronics engineering project title named "harmonic elimination method of grid connected hybrid sources" i need to know what is the use, where is it used and why it is used.

i have a short objective about it which is as follows: The objective of project is to eliminate harmonics of a generalized unbalanced grid connected system which is of special importance for renewable energy source based distributed generating system for cost effective micro grid application.

here what is mean by harmonics? give me answer in simple words.

by senpatrick
March 31, 2017

A harmonic is a sine wave at two, or three, or more times the frequency of the fundamental sine wave. Any waveform can be expressed as the sum of a series of harmonics. One way of eliminating distortion is to measure the quantity of each individual harmonic and to inject an equal and opposite phase harmonic. This will return the waveform to the original sine wave shape which helps keep down losses and prevent spurious radio frequency radiation.

by mikerogerswsm
April 01, 2017

so does the flickering of light or when i simultaneously switch on the motor and a light bulb the bulb starts to flicker or glow with low light. is this caused due to harmonics?

by senpatrick
April 02, 2017

I would guess that is just ohms law - the motor start current sucks all the juice there is and leaves nothing for the lights.

by mikerogerswsm
April 02, 2017

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