The most basic question there is..


Electronics is very new to me.

I took the most basic circuit I could think of: A voltage source of 1V A resistor of 1 Ohm

As far a I understand I should get a curent of (I = V/R) 1 Amper. But the stimulation does not give a solution and sais I should have ground.

Why should I have ground if I have a voltage source that gives potential differences from its two sides?

I attach the circuit:


by Shir
December 06, 2017

2 Answers

Answer by mikerogerswsm

The math, like any sim package, cannot cope if you float everything. SPICE is the same.Er, your one ohm resistor seems to have grown to two ohms.

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by mikerogerswsm
December 06, 2017

Answer by hafiztayyab13

Negative terminal of voltage source should be grounded to provide positive voltages to circuit.

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by hafiztayyab13
December 09, 2017

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