sewing machine foot controller

Hi everyone,

Total noob here, trying to repair a sewing machine.

I have a sewing machine that has a 3.5mm plug for the foot controller. I need to replace the jack. The jack has two wires going to it and it is a panel mount style. The plug has one ring which I think means it is a type TS. What jack do I need? All I find with google search are audio jacks. Are these suitable for my application?

Thanks for looking at my question.

by pnmng49
August 17, 2022

1 Answer

Answer by Bobfadi

If you are having trouble using your sewing machine, the first step is cleaning it. This task is particularly important if your machine is computerized. You can use a brush, tweezers, or pressurized air to clean the parts. Keeping your machine clean will extend the life of its parts and prevent any future problems.

If you've already ruined a machine, you might want to consider taking it in to get it repaired by a professional. While many repair companies will do a free evaluation, others will charge you a fee. Generally, it's better to repair a machine with metal parts, as the plastic ones inside modern machines are generally too fragile to repair.

To find a good sewing machine repair tutorial, you should know the type of problem you're trying to solve. There are specialized websites that can help you find the right one for your particular problem. You can't just search "sewing machine repair" on a general search engine because you will not find the specific information you need. A good sewing machine repair tutorial will help you identify the exact issue and get your sewing machine working again.

You should also clean out the side panel to remove any excess dust and lint. You can also use a Q-tip dipped in oil and apply it to the parts. Make sure to use a small amount of oil for each part. Make sure to keep oiling your machine weekly.

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by Bobfadi
August 24, 2022

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