need help with coil gun circuit

Hello, I have been making circuits as a hobby for 2 years now mainly focusing on trying to make a coil gun, and tried and failed 7 times now, and I am in desperate need of help with the circuit, if you see anything wrong with my diagram please respond as soon as possible. I bought most of the parts on amazon here are the links if that helps: boost converter: HiLetgo 250W DC-DC Module 10-40V to 10-50V 6A Adjustable Step-Up Power Supply Module 250W DC Booster Constant Voltage Constant Current Power Converter Module : Electronics diodes: Cafurty 1N4007 DO-41 Axial Silastic Guard Junction Standard Rectifier Diode (Pack of 20): Industrial & Scientific

by electronenjoyer
January 16, 2022

What can you say about the coil? (Type of wire, diameter, number of turns, etc.) What kind of projectile are you hoping to launch? All these things matter for designing the driving circuit.

by OakBloodThree
February 22, 2022

1 Answer

Answer by Foxx

Various problems--1/ No ground-- 2/ V2 reverse biases D3 and D4 thus shutting V1 out of the circuit. What is the intention here? It would help if you could give a description of your line of reasoning in putting this circuit to-gether.

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by Foxx
January 19, 2022

thank you for responding, my line of reasoning is first, the power from the 9v battery moves across the boost converter making it 50v charging the capacitors, then the thyristor switches states with a 1.5v battery, allowing the capacitors to discharge trough the coil, launching the projectile.

by electronenjoyer
January 20, 2022

please answer

by electronenjoyer
February 13, 2022

Also D2 is in backwards so blocking the SCR trigger. If you are trying to actually run a simulation of your circuit use a 50v supply for charging rather than a bit of text saying "booster". Also use a timed step function rather than a battery and switch for a trigger. Using a switch the action is over before you get a chance to look at it. I hope you realize that any attempt to run a circuit with an SCR is doomed as the symbol for SCR in the parts bin is marked " Non-Simulatable" which I assume means that CircuitLab has not developed a model for it.

by Foxx
February 14, 2022

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