AC voltage generator or siulation error?

I tried to simulate a simple AC rectifier circuit . The output is not what is expected. Already there is no AC voltage at the voltage generator . May I chose a bad element or is there something wrong with the simulation?

thanks in advance

by groszi
June 06, 2018

Try floating the V2, D3,D4 line and grounding one side of R1. Add node names and use them.

by mikerogerswsm
June 06, 2018

Hi, I'm a newbie to all this but this works: In the Simulate/Time Domain - change: Stop Time to (1/60)*25 and Time Step to (1/60)/30. Now run the Time Domain Simulation. I don't know why this works, maybe someone else can explain it?

by AlfredC
June 18, 2018

I forgot to mention that these "times" are explained in the CircuitLab Textbook in Chapter 2, Schematics & Simulations Tutorial under the Time-Domain Simulation section. However, because I'm new to all this, it's still a bit gobbledygook to me at present.

by AlfredC
June 18, 2018

1 Answer

Answer by groszi

If I only apply a simple voltage generator it cannot measure any voltage on its output

+1 vote
by groszi
June 07, 2018

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