Splitplanes and crosstalk

How to solve crosstalk issues in splitplanes ?

by DEEP260592
January 10, 2017

Use a third grounded (or power) plane between the two split planes so they can't see each other.

by mikerogerswsm
January 11, 2017

Thanks! What are some common techniques used to improve signal loss and distortion in PCB?

by DEEP260592
January 11, 2017

Careful placement of components is the best way to work, keep all critical tracks short and be especially careful with analogue signal paths. Keep analogue parts of the circuit separate from digital. Look where the ground current is flowing and if necessary use small local ground planes connected by conductors in the right sequence. Use lots of local supply caps, say 100nF. Use guard rings at the same buffered voltage to protect high impedance analogue signals. For RF and low signal audio use extremely short tracks and star point grounds. Connections to external switches and pots should be brought out at the right places and wiring should be short. Attenuator switches should use separate wafers for high and low level signals to prevent capacitive feedthrough. Long signal paths should be two-wire with suitable drive and receiving circuits. To avoid signal loss in longer length tracks drive at low impedance. A clean board with good joints should be linear and not distort. Distortion in active devices is a whole different subject, look at hifi designs in DiY magazines. Er, that's most of it!

by mikerogerswsm
January 11, 2017

PS - Welcome to CircuitLab and thanks for joining on this guy's birthday - 74 years old and still designing analogue gubbins!

by mikerogerswsm
January 11, 2017

Thanks! This is really helpful.

by DEEP260592
January 12, 2017

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