Any help ot there DC motor questions.

Hello I need some help before I let the smoke out of this controller.

I have a 9-30V wireless controller with 5 wires coming out of it.

black -GND red source voltage. blue - antenna white hot when button 1 is pressed. yellow hot when button 2 is pressed.

my question is. Is there a way to hoot this up to a dc motor and run it forwards and in reverse.

Thank you.

by Trevor83
October 19, 2017

All you require is a little bit of electronic logic circuitry and an H-driver, but the choice of devices depends on the actual output characteristics of your controller and the characteristics of the dc motor. There are many devices out there and many ways of wiring. I would suggest using an L9997ND. This runs from 7-16V supply and drives up to 1.2A. If used direct from your white and yellow signals (via a suitable resistor like 10k), you would get forward for yellow hi, backward for white hi, and nothing for both lo or both hi. Some electronic knowledge is needed to read the datasheet and set up the protection. Other devices are available, for example the less complex L239D (7-36 V 600mA) is available in the uk for about £4.

by mikerogerswsm
October 19, 2017

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