Workbench Folders

Would love to see workbench folders to help organize circuits; even just one level of folders.


by jasonc
July 18, 2012

I would also find this valuable - my students would have a folder for each course (and so would I).



by Don.A
August 19, 2012

I'd like to add my vote here. Even just one level would be helpful. I encourage my students to try CircuitLab and a little extra organization for shared circuits would really help. aa1ww

by aa1ww
September 13, 2012

Having separate folders could help separate our active circuit development from the myriad of student lab circuits. As it is now we have great difficulty finding real circuits from the huge number of student lab circuit fragments.

by arvevans
September 14, 2012

Also a vote for this. I tend to save a lot of incremental drafts, and it's getting harder and harder to find older versions of things.

Agreed, even one level would make a huge difference. Thanks!

by Mr.Infinity
February 05, 2013

Hint: You can sort your circuits by name.

A leading 0_ for all test and design circuits, a leading 1_ for finished and tested projects, a 2_ for … a.s.f.

Don’t worry about renaming circuits,

CL got it right,

the name is only a property of the schematic, not the reference (e.g. for the forums).

Regards, Sancho

by Sancho_P
February 05, 2013

A sorted list isn't the same as categorized folders. I'd prefer not to have to code everything with numbers. A sorted list is still an O(n) search. The hierarchy provided by folders is a real advantage as is evidenced by the fact that the paradigm is universally used.

by aa1ww
February 07, 2013

“A sorted list isn’t the same as categorized folders” - oh, really?

Sorry, I didn’t want to interrupt you singing the folder song until Xmas.


Regards, Sancho

by Sancho_P
February 07, 2013

Seems that individuals could use a number system to find and control their own incremental versions of a project effort. This would work within their own file area.

But that is not the original complaint. Real problem is how to find real circuits among the myriad of simple lab project proofs that ohm's law really works. Nothing wrong with schools using this tool, but there are two levels of users, (1) those learning electronics, and (2) those designing and testing circuits for actual projects. Both need to be supported. We just need to find a way to make it easier and more productive for both groups.

Problem is that any system can be subverted by those who do not know how it works and/or those who deliberately will not follow the rules. I'm not sure what the answer is...or if there is an answer that will please everybody.

by arvevans
February 07, 2013

@arvevans: “Workbench Folders” is the topic here.

Sorry, what you say is a completely different topic from the original posting, the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th and of course both my replies.

I already understood that from your first posting and I fully second that idea. It should be a separated “discussion” (as CL calls these sad user monologs), though.

Two points in short:

1) Why are all “simple lab projects” made public? Even “unlisted” would be sufficient for collaboration, e.g. in forums. I think “public” was intended for successfully tested and simulated circuits, but here we should hear CL.

2) Even tested and simulated circuits need documentation, at least a few words, why and how, to be valuable. Missing documents render most real “projects” to useless. And as you (≈) wrote, you probably can change yourself, but never others.

Regarding my last snappy comment, I’d prefer workbench folders, too. But there are 50+ bugs in the solver, elements and parameter sets to deal with, this is why I said (in an other feature request) something like “stop feature requests, we need a bug list and open discussion with CL”.

Regards, Sancho

by Sancho_P
February 07, 2013

You are defining the dialog your I guess you own it. In any case, this doesn't seem to be going anywhere (no results). Good Bye.

by arvevans
February 07, 2013

Come on, Sancho_P, take it down a notch, will ya? I do in fact use your numbering idea (and even include letters sometimes). Even in hierarchical systems it can order the appearance of directories and files in the listing. I'm just saying we're all so used to the hierarchical folder paradigm because of its pervasiveness that it would be convenient to have it here on CircuitLab as well. Coop, aa1ww

by aa1ww
February 08, 2013

I second (thirds, fourth, ...?) the need for FOLDERS. Sancho_P, take down two notches. Your opinion is not more valid than that of the others here. YOU don't like folders, don't use them. Others do. Log(N) < N, for most reasonable N.

by carlos1w
February 11, 2013


Sancho wrote “…, I’d prefer workbench folders, too.”

But it seems I haven’t been clear about, sorry, let me clarify:

  • I love folders.

  • I would love to have workbench folders.

  • I support the original suggestion to have workbench folders.

  • I also support the second idea vented here by arvevans, but have to admit that either I or he did not understand it really.

If you ned further help to interpret my posting(s) - please let me know!


Regards, Sancho

by Sancho_P
February 12, 2013

Folders please!

by dzalf
September 19, 2013

I would definitely like to see folders too.

(Perhaps labels would be quicker to implement programmatically?)

On the topic of organisation, a way of adding documentation for circuits would be fantastic.

by Jodes
February 03, 2014

Yes, folders would be nice!

by seg
February 04, 2014

The tags would be fine, BUT they only apply to public circuits, so if I assign a tag and try to view circuits under that tag, none of my tagged circuits come up. Surely this can be easily changed?!

by Jodes
February 12, 2014


by carlos1w
February 12, 2014

Folders would be a very nice addition!

by bobble-head-bob
February 12, 2014

I too think folders would be helpful. Leading numbers in the circuit titles is helpful, but when you have a lot of circuits, finding them takes a long time because you have to load the next page or go to a page by guessing then backing up or going forward. It'd be a nice little time saver.

by pgoodwin1
April 21, 2015

5 years later, why aren't there folders?

by jachavez
February 05, 2017

Add my voice to the folders request. I guess I don't know how many files most users keep in their workbench. I have over 260 and growing, so sorting and searching is not always ideal organizational mechanisms

by magiman7
July 31, 2017

Another vote for folders

by dkirtley
November 17, 2017

Now this is a paid application for most if not all users and there is still no basic functionality. Very disappointing.

by carlos1w
January 14, 2018

I was about to submit a request for worbench folders but a quick search found this request that was posted 8 year ago.

Please add this feature.

by Dan.Ka
November 11, 2020

So, let's keep the request for folders going - I'm writing this in September of 2021. Do the creators ever respond to any of these requests? If so, just wanted to say that it's a great program guys. Why no folders after 9 years? Seems like it wouldn't use up any more bandwidth or cost anything.

by tekk67
September 10, 2021

Circuitlab owners, please give some love to your project and consider this request. Don't let this project die, please.

by Dan.Ka
April 29, 2024

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