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SN7404_as_50_ohm_in_and_50_ohm_out_amplifier_(20_dbV_Gain) PUBLIC

Using and old TTL 7404 as a 50 ohm input and 50 ohm output amplifier block.

by arvevans | updated November 05, 2013



Driver for small speaker or headphones. 30 db gain from 100 Hz to 500 KHz. With the internal feedback this works much as a current-boosted class-A amplifier. All the voltage gain is in Q3, with Q1 and...

by arvevans | updated October 26, 2013


Improved_BITX20A_Transceiver_Antenna_Filter PUBLIC

Adding C93 and reducing L2 inductance (12 turns instead of 14) improves LPF top-end rejection by an additional 20 db. This circuit can be run in the simulator to see the new LPF shape.

by arvevans | updated July 31, 2013


BITX20A_Transceiver_Antenna_Filter_Schematic PUBLIC

This schematic shows the BITX20A SSB Transceiver Antenna Filter. It can be used to generate a gain-frequency plot of it's response. Part numbers shown match those on the BITX20A schematic from...

by arvevans | updated July 31, 2013


BITX_Transceivers_Fixed-Gain_Amplifiers PUBLIC

by arvevans | updated July 31, 2013