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Bolometer Circuit

Bolometer Circuit PUBLIC

Documentation of Internal Wiring of a product used within research lab

by Sanityisboring | updated July 19, 2013

Full-Wave Rectifier w/ Transformer

Full-Wave Rectifier w/ Transformer PUBLIC

by Sanityisboring | updated February 26, 2013

ac-to-dc   bridge-rectifier   diode   full-wave   transformer  

High Pass RC Filter

High Pass RC Filter PUBLIC

A simple RC high pass filter.

by Sanityisboring | updated February 11, 2013

high-pass   passive-filter   rc  

Band Filter

Band Filter PUBLIC

This is a constructed band pass filter out of two RC filter circuits, one high pass and one low pass, respectively.

by Sanityisboring | updated February 11, 2013

band-pass   passive-filter   rc